Thursday, 6 January 2011

So, I ran into the lawnmower…

…I knew that was going to happen eventually. I have a small garage in my temporary rental digs. It’s meant to house just Patrick, my car. But there’s also a heavy-as-all-get-out-1920’s opal inlaid wardrobe, a freezer, two old metal trucks, a bed head to match the wardrobe, a wheelbarrow, 4 boxes of crap and the lawnmower. I maneuver the stoic Patrick in there every day. Usually, once Patrick is settled in, I open the door of the car then climb over the lawnmower to get out of the garage. Except yesterday when Patrick insisted (it wasn’t me) on running into the lawnmower. Interestingly enough neither Patrick or the mower has a scratch. The moral of the story? Well, maybe it’s about the crap we collect or the way we store it. Possiby it’s about paying attention or perhaps it just to watch out for lawnmowers…there everywhere.

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