Monday, 10 January 2011

Oh the horror…

Of late I have been banging out a horror story on my computer. Why horror? I don’t know. It’s just where my head has been. It started before Christmas when I went to the library in search of books to read. I found a bunch of horror books. After reading them I thought - “I can write one of these.” So, I’m in the processing of sending a story off to a publisher now. I’ve killed people in all sorts of terrible ways in this story. It’s been interesting not concentrating on the fluffier side of romance. Oh sure – there’s still a lot of sex and people fall in love but this is a grittier story. Will it sell? Who knows? But a change of direction is always good. And if it fails and I fall on my arse? As I always say – that’s what cellulite is for. It softens the fall.

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