Friday, 27 September 2013

I am not!

So, I attended this job interview today, even though I’m starting another one Monday, because…well, because it’s complicated and I do complicated very well.  Anyway I went in and did my thing. I’m very good in interviews. I can look really normal and say all the correct things. It’s about confidence.  They liked me. I could tell. They reminded me of cut out figures sprouting corporate ideology. I didn’t warm to them at all. I’m always wary around corporate types. I emailed a friend later saying that I felt bad ju-ju coming from them. We all know you can’t mess with ju-ju – unless you're hormonal and then you’re on the same evil level as bad ju-ju.

At the conclusion of the interview they said that I would fit in because I was the sort of “bubbly person” they were looking for. I was aghast and agog. What!!!! Bubbly? Me? Have you been paying attention? The only time I’m bubbly is when I’m retaining fluid and then it’s more the Michelin woman look. Bubbly? I always equate “bubbly” with airheads. Bubbly is only acceptable when it’s champagne in a glass. I was quite horrified. Did I mention bad ju-ju? Next I’ll be called chipper or perky…god help me. 


anny cook said...

Goodness knows perky would be the end for you... :-)