Saturday, 28 September 2013

They know zip...

I don’t watch a lot of TV but I do watch, when I remember, America’s Next Top Model. Why? It fascinates me what is considered beautiful. If you have never seen it – click here -

Yep, in many ways it’s pretty superficial and that interests me because that world is so far removed from my own that it has the train wreck quality to it that’s interesting. The current season on TV in Oz has a plus-size model called Whitney on it.  I checked – she goes on to win. I also read the back page of books.  Ah - it’s what I do. Anyway I look at this supposed plus sized woman and think are you mad? There is no way she is and if she’s plus sized what does that make women who are bigger than her? What are they called? Super sized? Gigantic?  If their self esteem is low, how are they made to feel?

No wonder there are so many women beaten down by how society views their look or body type if someone like Whitney is considered plus sized and designers agonize over how to dress her.

Funny old world with some crazy arsed thoughts out there…

Beauty – form your own opinion. The “experts” know zip.