Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The crazy woman with all the life experience?

I was talking to this job agency woman.  She had read my resume and was telling me how great my work experience is and how few people had a solid, varied working past like mine. If only she knew she got the cleaned up, homogenised and abridged resume version…but I digress. Then she said the problem is I’ve had too much life experience too fast. Well, fuck it, remind me next life to slow down.

This is how I see life. It comes at you fast and you have to move with it or get hit by it. If you do get hit you get up and remember that fall and vow to rebound faster. The agency chick? She’s a safe and steady kinda gal. There’s nothing wrong with that but we’re never going to speak the same lingo. Anyway, I thanked her for her time. Later, she rang me about a job to consider. Who me? The crazy woman with all the life experience?  

But the thing is I’ve already picked up my next temp job. I like temping. You never get bored, you learn lots of stuff and you meet amazing people.  The only small, weeny problem is I may have picked up another temp job at the same time. Oops. A tad problematic but I expect life experience will kick in and give me the solution. That or I feel a lot of creative wordage (lying) coming up as I tap dance around the issue of two jobs.

Life – what fun it is. Go, get out there – experience it.       


anny cook said...

If you're working, I count that as a plus!