Monday, 9 September 2013

No one wants to see me in my undies…

I was on Facebook, on the lovely Abigail Madison Chase’s page – she’s always interesting reading – and Abby had this article on it –

“A 49-year-old underwear model has accused the fashion industry of ageism as she says she can no longer get any work because she looks too young.”

Essentially, this chick was having a hissy fit about no one wanting to employ her as an underwear model because she’s 49. I have a confession to make - no one wants to see me in my undies and I’m 49 too. I know, it’s a shocker right? Anyway back to the other woman. I call bullshit on the fact that she thinks it’s because she looks too young. She doesn’t. She looks her age and I think that’s what’s shitting her off and the fact the she knows agencies are passing her up for newer bodies. That’s business. It’s their choice. I’m a realist and an avid defender of the rights of women but that fact is as women we may not like it but as we get older, bodies change and not everyone is going to want your body. Only those living in airy-fairy-dairy land don’t get that. They have to blame someone. The realists among us think ‘Ok, so I’ll choose another path and be so damn amazing at that.’ Its about attitude – whiner or survivor.  

Now I don’t give a crap what she looks like but when I read comments on Facebook like -  

The lady in the article needs to have work done too if she wants to stay in the game..."

-it annoys the hell out of me. Women are so frigging hard on other women. No one ‘needs’ to have work done unless it’s for medical reasons. The most virulent discrimination women face is from other women.


anny cook said...

Oh, yes it is! Excellent post!

The Abby said...
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The Abby said...

That poor woman is delusional....Great post!