Friday, 13 September 2013

Determination R US....

So, I’m doing a bit of temping at the moment until I can find a full time job – but in saying that, I do kinda like temping. In the past I was a temping fiend jumping from job to job, learning stuff and then wandering off when the time was up. It’s a fantastic way to increase your job skills. Anyway, I am currently hanging out in a Steel factory despatch office. This woman, a permanent employee wandered in to the donga (Aussie for demountable building and no, nothing sexual at all) and we chatted about stuff and she said to me ‘It’s hard to get a job when you’re our age.’ I looked her up and down and thought, ‘You sound 103 with that attitude coming out of your mouth. There is no way in hell I’m your age.’ Added to that’s its a load of bollocks attitude and a cop out to use age as a reason for not having stuff. If there are not a plethora of jobs out there at the moment it’s not just directed at people over 40 and using that as an excuse is bullshit.

My personal opinion is people like this woman lack one basic thing – they have no determination. That’s the key to life. You want to blame your age or weight or gender for the fact that you have no gumption to put yourself out there? Well yeah, expect back what you send out to the universal. And oh shit yeah, you’re going to be shot down – probably lots of times – when it comes to job interviews but it’s the people who get up, dust themselves off and keep going, knowing in their hearts that there is something out there for them and every rejection is just karma saying ‘Listen stupid, be patient and give me another week and your dream job will land in your lap.’

Blame age? Blame yourself for your attitude.