Friday, 20 September 2013


-          Do warthogs ever consider themselves unattractive?
-          Are snails smart?
-          Are oranges, despite their lack of longevity, quite pleased that there is no rhyme for them?
-          Is it just me or is it a waste of time putting on make up before going to the gym? 
-          Awesome has to be the most overrated word at the moment. I think its bollocks.
-          A good word is bollocks.
-          Do chooks swear?
-          Are beetles as cute as they look? Do they have the heart of an assassin cloaked in a cute form?
-          I suggest, in war, we all throw sherbet bombs instead of real bombs, then no one would die and we’d all by happy – fatter – but happier.
-          If your foot is the same size as the inside of your forearm, does that make buying shoes easier?
-          Are pigeons discriminated against by the use of the phrase pigeon-toed? Maybe some aren’t.
-          If all the boys lived over the sea…okay.
-          A kiss is just a kiss? Maybe if you’re a crap kisser.
-          I would not let anyone into the country based on their passport photo.
-          In a pickle? Does that mean we're wet, green and slimy? Really, no thought went into the phrase at all.
-          Time is on our side. Maybe that’s why we weigh more ‘cause we’re carrying time.