Saturday, 11 January 2014

Just in case because evil lurks…

So, I’ve sort of started to pack a bag to head down to Brisbane for training. I say sort of because the bag is on the floor and I’ve thrown stuff on top of it that should go in the bag. So far the stuff on top looks more than what the bag will hold but I expect with some jiggery-pokery I will get it all in because I am woman.

Yesterday, I passed by the coffee aisle in the supermarket and stopped and thought ‘What if I need emergency coffee at night and there’s none in the apartment they’re putting me up in?' I can’t go without coffee at the morning...the afternoon…ten minutes from now…how will I cope and indeed how will the city of Brisbane cope if I cannot make a cup of coffee when I feel the need come on? So I bought a small jar for emergencies. Yes, Brisbane sells coffee. Yes, I’m sure I could go cold turkey. But I just feel it’s better for all concerned that I have emergency coffee the instant I need it. You don’t want me being all Mothra like and terrorizing a city do you?