Thursday, 24 January 2008

Bill me...

Quote for today…

"Did you ever hear that song from 'Snow White'--'Someday My Prince Will Come'? The good news is that every now and then he actually does show up. But I'm afraid that's only half the story." -- Oprah Winfrey

Hello – just to drive you nuts I am guest blogging over at - but please read on here for your fill of waffle and then sashay over to there and see what I’m yammering on about on that site. Yes, I do have the capacity to talk under water with a mouthful of marbles.

I got 7 bills in the mail today!!!! Some of them are big enough to be called William. Frig! It’s nice how the start of a new year means all your service providers think – ‘what the hell, let’s send out some bills.’ Bastards. I did note, with smug satisfaction, that my Brisbane City Council Rates bill congratulated me on my water usage. Damn straight they should. We are restricted to 140 litres a day per person. I used

111. Yes, I am a star. I have 3 minute showers down to an art. Yes, that is sad. The crazy thing is while we are in drought here, parts of Queensland – my state and the state all Aussies wished they lived in – are in the grip of terrible floods. We are truly a land ‘of drought and flooding rains.’ As you are aware in a drought the ground gets so bloody dry that the water runs off and does not sink in and this equals drought. No, this doesn't prove I was paying attention in Science class – I was always too busy using the acid to burn holes in the desk - but it does mean I watch the TV and read the papers - and, no, not just because I don't have acid in the house...

Anyway, how did I get onto drought and acid? Oh yes, frigging bills. The next two were from Promptel, the phone company I used to work – well, really used to turn up everyday to for a pay check. I still have my phones through them as they have not yet worked out I have not been a staff member for the last 3 years so they still give me discount. The same thing with my mate Ethel – she gets a discount too. We were both told when we were paid out – what a beautiful and blessed day that was – ‘remember to make sure you cancel

the staff discounts.’ I seem to remember I responded - “Okay, yeah, sure, you can trust me” and Ethel probably nodded with a get stuffed look on her face. I swear I have just forgotten or maybe, just maybe it’s payback for a load of crap that went down. Who knows how my mind works? Not that I would do that….much.

Back to the point – and I do have one - the bill after the phone bill was the Mickey Card – the Mastercard. I have the one piece of fantastic plastic. I am pretty boring in the fact that I budget and never let my credit card go over a certain point and I am one of those people who pay it in full every month – no matter if I have to rob Peter to pay Paul when it comes to bill paying. I will not give the banks interest payments – stuff ‘em. I would rather do without than give them that. After those

there were another couple off bills that I just glanced at and went huh. There are, I am sure you’ll agree many ‘huh’ moments in life – and specifically in this past week for me. I try not to be surprised by anything but every so often I think – what the? But that is life and it happens when you least expect it.

Okay, so the bills got paid and I marked all the relevant receipt numbers on the bills. At Promptel, I used to enjoy when people used to scream that we should not have disconneced their phone for non payment - ok no, not the screaming - I would pull the headset off and chat to Katie beside me until they got a grip and then I would come back and speak to them – but enjoy that they would swear blind the paid the bill 3 days ago and then give me a time and date stamped receipt from 3 minutes ago. I would then point that out to them and advise ‘while I’ll connect your service you’re getting charged a connection fee not because of not paying your bill on time but because that was such a piss-week attempt at trying to fool me.’ I don’t mind lies if they are excellent but come on...

Yes, what a long line of waffle today but, if you ever meet me you will see I’m never stuck for a word. Over at I’m talking about being true to yourself. Check it out and let me know how you feel about it. If you can’t be true to yourself you cannot be true with anyone else. Yes, profound-ish.

Kelly has the next eye rolling episode in the blog saga on Anny is writing about the mating habits of blue people on Check ‘em out.

Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


Anonymous said...

Ooh look. Isn't our money pretty :D I don't ever see it in great wads like this. Hey look! We have $100 notes - no body told me! LOL (joke joyce ;))

Ah yes. Flooding. Get it a lot here in Bellingen. Actually our first full day in Sydney mum showed me the newspaper and Bello had made front page of the SMH! We'd flooded over night LOL! Got out just in time :D

Unknown said...

Yep, I forgot we had $100 notes. I assumed famous cover artists like you rolled in them for kicks

Anny Cook said...

Ah, yes, your money is much prettier than ours, but we would have to change a bunch of phrases if they colored our money. Then we wouldn't be able to call them "greenbacks", would we?

Hope the flooding isn't too bad? As you know, the news here doesn't tell us anything important.

Phoenix said...

The best line all week: "I got 7 bills in the mail today!!!! Some of them are big enough to be called William"


Unknown said...

My email and your email do not seem to get along very well. I tried to answer affirmative to your email to me, but it keeps getting kicked back to me as undeliverable.

Thank goodness you are on two blogs today. There are some quiet people out there right now and I rely on others for entertainment. And boy do you deliver. Both blogs were great usual.


Sandra Cox said...

So glad your bills are paid. Going to take a gander at your other blogspot now.

JacquƩline Roth said...

Bills...*sigh* very bad things. Looking at your money I realize I haven't held actual "money" in longer than I can remember.