Tuesday, 1 January 2008

The start of a great year....

Seducing Celestine - Review – 5/5 and a reviewer top pick from Night Owl romance – thanks Melinda…

Wow talk about hot, scorching and oh yes those moonlight nights with Nick are super hot. Just in the first chapter with him crawling through the window with seduction in mind was wow. Amarinda Jones not only brings Australia to life but her men are wow. Yes I use that word so much but it describes her work so easily. Hot men, women who complete them in every way and action in every chapter you read. Not that kind of action but one where you wonder who in the world would be shooting Celestine and why they want her car. The story and passion come to life with her words and this is one author you don’t want to miss reading.

Today’s quote –
"Some of us are timid. We think we have something to lose so we don't try for that next hill." -- Maya Angelou

Go for the hill, stagger, get breathless but conquer that sucker --Amarinda

5am phone call on New Years Day...
M- Happy New Year! It’s Marlene! I wanted to wish you all the best, mate!
A – The same to you Marlene (I suspect Marlene was as pissed as a newt)
M- Guess what I’m doing today?
A – Ringing up completely strangers and wishing them well?
M – Oh shit
A – Have nice life Marlene.

Lucky for Marlene I rarely sleep past 4:30am – evil never sleeps…
Oh the pain of cleaning…

An acquaintance of mine announced her intention was to clean house today as it was a new year and she wanted to have a tidy home to start the new year. Oh yeah, me too not. I don’t see how a new year is going to make any difference to my sloppy ways. And, to be honest, when I woke up this morning I felt no different to any other day. I don’t think it has to be a recognized calendar day to feel something special or begin something new. Any day can bring that. But in saying that, it’s only when I am falling over the chaos of my life to I actually think “Hmmm, I should de-clutterfyIsn’t that a great word? De-clutterfy. I think I’ll write that into this current book. I have to keep my editor on her toes. Anyway, back to ritualistic cleaning. It’s not me. Quel surprise. So I did, for one split section look at the chaos around me and think maybe I should do something but in the words of Ethel I said “Oh hard.”

The thing is I have nothing against dust. I luckily have no allergies or asthmatic complaints so as far as I am concerned dust can do its thing and I’ll do mind. Besides when you think about it, dust is always with us. And here’s the thing, if you dust once you have to continuously dust because more builds up. It’s a vicious cycle trying to keep surfaces shiny and dust free. Now, if you dusted infrequently then you have less stress about shiny surfaces. Added to that, it would take many, many layers of dust to actually be a problem. And it’s not like you can trip over dust. How much dust is too much dust? Is this last weeks dust or last months? See? Too stressful. Do what I do - every so often I give every thing a flick over with a duster when it gets to the point when people can write their names in the dust. Alternatively, don’t invite people around who are prone to writing their names in the dust, then you can cut your dusting time dramatically. And if we all in the end go back to dust am I not just sticking to my roots by not dusting? Yep, how frigging philosophical is that?

I will, however, have to make an effort and clean up under my house. The houses in my part of the world are built on stumps. This is to allow breezes to flow through and to help if it floods. Anyway, the area under my house is elevated in such a way I can park the car and dump heaps of crap and half finished projects everywhere. But it does get to a stage down stairs that the blue tongue lizards, that use it as a run through from one garden to the other, get a tad pissed off with the obstacle course they have to run and they start hissing at me in reproach. So, I swear on a packet of Tim Tams, tomorrow I will clean up under the house. Lord knows what I will find. I actually wrote my under the house into Mad About Mirabelle – write what you know is my theory….

“Right, where to look,” Mirabelle murmured as she surveyed her messy kingdom. She had to think like a dodgy old woman. Dodgy she could do but old Mirabelle refused to consider. Her eyes roamed over her pack rat items. She had dozens of boxes full of assorted crap. Anything could be in those. There was an old jerry can with a hole in it—always handy—a torn kite—who knows why she kept that—stacks of empty tin cans collecting dust –they were so useful—a broken electric fan—one of her Mirabelle-can-fix-it phases—two large ugly blue vinyl suits, an ugly metal garbage bin and…what? Her eyes went back to the two large ugly blue vinyl suitcases? Hello…they did not belong to her.

See? Being messy is useful. Not surprisingly my car is in dire need of a vacuuming. I feel you really need to be in the mood to vacuum especially when you have a killer red vacuum cleaner thats like to sucks up anything in its path without fear or favour. So, there it is. Life at Chateau Amarinda can be a tad messy. My understanding is true creative genius thrives in chaos – and so do I.

Again, I have no idea what the zenfully calm Anny and the ever perky Kelly are up to. By the way, Kelly enjoys being called perky so please make sure you address all your comments on her blog to the ‘perky one’ to make her day. Please don’t tell I told you to do it, I want her to think it came spontaneously from your heart.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


Anny Cook said...

Geez, your house sounds like mine, except that I have no under the house so all my junk is inside in closets.

Maybe you'll find a couple of blue suitcases in your under ground.

The perky one, eh? She'll be after your arse.

Mona Risk said...

I posted my resolutions today on my blog in
You know what, I just realized that I had ten resolutions, multiple resolutions. Butnot one, not a single one, is about cleaning my apartment, of just my office or even my desk. What are dear darling well-trained hubbies for?? But I already started on my resolutions to reading ebooks, and ordered six of them. Mirabelle is one of them and Swift of Heart another, also Travelers Refuge by Anny Cook. Yeah, Let's the fun starts.

Anonymous said...

Gee. I'd love to find a couple of blue suitcases under my house ... FULL OF MONEY! Best I'm going to get, I'm afraid is cockroaches, fleas and termites. I'm surprised that the damn house hasn't gotten up and crawled away with the amount of crawlies around at the moment.

As for dusting, yeah well, that just doesn't happen in this house. I'm a bit like yourself. Why dust when a day later it's going to be there again? LOL

Phoenix said...

Arse in target. You are so fried, AJ!!! Dusty thoughts or not you are toast.

Unknown said...

so scared...bring it...I dare ya

Molly Daniels said...

Love the visuals! I hate dusting...but I have a 3-yr old who thinks it's fun, so I give him the swiffer and watch him go:)

Sandra Cox said...

'Housework is evil. It must be stopped.' I will vote for this if they try to pass it into law.

Another excellent review.

Happy New Year, Mate.