Monday, 31 December 2007

What lies ahead…

Today’s quote –
Life is either a daring adventure or nothing
To keep our faces towards change and believe like free
spirits in the presence of fate is strength undefeatable.
-- Helen Keller

My wish for you in 2008….

-The love of your life if you think that will make you happy
-The courage to be alone and not worry what people think
-To be whatever you want and need to be regardless of what the norm is
-To know you are unique and beautiful no matter what your perceived imperfections to others may be.

-To be able to find your keys the first place you look.
-An unexpected phone call from an old friend you have been longing to hear from.
-All your favourite songs on the radio just when you are ready to sing out loud
-The nerve to go against the tide when you know what you are doing is right for you
-That you’ll take a chance and risk what you have for something infinitely better
-If you fall on your arse, you’ll get straight back up and have another go at whatever knocked you down
-To let go of past mistakes and accept you’re going to make a lot more because you’re human
-That you always retain the ability to look past the superficial and into the substance
-That your favourite treat is on sale just when you want to treat yourself
-To look at yourself and be proud of who you are despite what any other bugger says.
-To laugh when crap things happen because life’s just like that. Laugh and move on.


What a year - 2 jobs, 11 book releases, a zillion mistakes made, a dozen stands taken, many tantrums thrown, a plethora of evil thoughts had, many fantastic friendships made, many people pissed off at me, lots of sad stuff, lots of laughter, thousands of moments when I thought ‘why did I do that?’ and yet I am still standing and I am still me and I have the absolute belief that I will do it all again in 2008 and enjoy every second of it. What will 2008 bring? Who the hell knows but whatever it is I am ready for it. Bring it on.

My resolution…

I resolve to make none as I won’t follow them. I’ll not big on following rules so I’m hardly going to follow something I know I will break. But I understand why people make them. It’s all about goals. My own personal goals continually change as the goal posts keep moving just when I think I know where they are. So, if anything, I will resolve to remain fast on my feet and jump onto whatever opportunities present themselves.

Resolutions from some of the smart authors who have been on the Amarinda blog this year.

I don't do resolutions. But I have a goal for next year--and my goal is to try to stick to my writing schedule better. Second goal is to walk everyday.

1- Exercise one hour, five times a week
2- Make more time for DH, Mom, and the grandkids
3-Pay more attention to my health.
4-Stop munching when nervous. Walk instead -

Hone my writing skills -

To learn to trust again. -

Yep. I resolve not to make a new year's resolution as I will only break it anyway. Why create added stress? -

See? As people we’re not that different are we?

I am sure Anny and Kelly will be fonts of wisdom today so go check ‘em out. Also check out Molly on to realize we are human beings and we should treat each other accordingly even if we piss each other off occasionally.

I hope 2008 is the year you get what you need and don’t let anyone stop you from getting it.

Best Wishes

Marlow’s Curse – release March 08…a sneak peak…

The Blurb…

Legend has it that if a St Michael witch is not willing no man can take her without suffering the consequences. Sybylla is the last St Michael witch. She knows that when a St Michael witch falls in love her lover becomes her weakness and the witch becomes his downfall. Sybylla will not allow her fate to destroy a man. But some men are hard to resist.

Marlow is not just any man. He is a vampire, cursed centuries ago to wander aimlessly through life believing he does not deserve more. When he meets Sybylla one moonlit night two lonely worlds collide. Marlow is aware of the legend but that doesn’t mean he is going to let a myth get in the way of deep enduring passion.

But Marlow is not the only one who wants Sybylla. A demon pursues her wanting vengeance and Scar will stop at nothing to make her pay. Will Sybylla sacrifice her own future happiness to vanquish the demon and save Marlow? Can a willing witch and a cursed vampire beat the odds?

The Excerpt...

“I’m busy. Move on vampire.” She had to fight this, even though in her heart she knew it was a fight she was destined to lose. But sometimes they were the best and most important battles.
Marlow threw back his head and laughed in great amusement, his razor-sharp fangs glinting in the moonlight.
“You’re a tough one.”
“You have no idea.” Sybylla was no stranger to supernatural beings. After all she was a witch and she cared for them as part of her work. She healed those who society feared or looked down on. Sybylla gave aid willingly and unstintingly. However she did not play games. “If you are looking for a victim you have come to the wrong place.” She had to admit that she was surprised to see a vampire so far from the bright city lights. Sybylla knew of only one other vampire who steered clear of the city and that was Asher Marriott, the vampire she was helping to change his life. “My blood is my own and not freely given.”
“You fascinate me.” Marlow looked her up and down as if trying to assess the true measure of who he was dealing with. “You are fire and ice, beauty and spirit.”
Sybylla snorted in derision.
“Do most women usually fall for such crap?” They probably fell big time when he smiled that sexy smile. I will not fall. I will not stumble. Sybylla knew if she kept chanting that in her mind she would feel better when she took the inevitable fall.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


barbara huffert said...

Thanks for the wishes, AJ and the same for you. Be happy, my friend. I hope 2008 is the best year ever for you.

Jacquéline_Roth said...

You know, there's something awesome in a heroine that tells the hero to take a hike on the outside but inside is just as trembly as the rest of us. The exerpt looks great!

Molly Daniels said...

11 books this past year? Wow! You're an inspiration; hopefully this will be the year I finally find that e-pubb for my entire collection.

Happy New Year, my friend.

Last year, I received several emails from old friends I'd lost touch with. Hopefully this year, I'll hear from a couple more.

Anny Cook said...

Well, shoot. My comment is on it's way to planet Avalon or Elyria. Sigh. Just wanted to say that I loved all of the wishes. And it's mean to put up an excerpt that won't be available until MARCH! Wonderful as always.

Kelly Kirch said...

All your favourite songs on the radio just when you are ready to sing out loud

My favorite by far. Thank you and happy 08 to you.

Sandra Cox said...

Great blog, my friend. You accomplished a great deal in 2007.