Saturday, 15 December 2007

Re-thinking Santa…

What do you think of the cover for Unbreakable? Is he lickable or what? I think we all know why she’s smiling and it’s got nothing to do with Tim Tams. Unbreakable is one of the Oh Yum! – older woman, younger man – series released in May 2008 through Ellora’s Cave.

The blurb…

India Blake needs to pass an ethics course to get a promotion at her job. The other students are twenty years younger than her and the course bores her to tears. The only thing that keeps her returning to class is the lecturer. He is sex on a stick. It’s a shame he’s too young for her.

Dashiel Lombard has had his eye on India since she joined his class. He knows the sexy red head isn’t the slightest bit interested in learning. But he has a thing or two he plans to teach her outside of the classroom. He has a proposition for her.

Total submission and giving into lust is one thing but falling in love with a younger man was the last thing India expected. Is this real or all part of the fantasy of being with Dash?


"He knows when you are sleeping he knows when you’re awake "– seriously, is it just me or is Santa Claus is Coming to Town a creepy-arsed song? How does he know if you are awake or not or what you’re doing in your bed? Is he peeping through a window or is he some demonic presence that is unseen in your bedroom? Can he see into your bathroom as well? Do I reeealllly want a present from peeping Santa’s hands?

"He knows when you’ve been bad or good so be good for goodness sake" - what sort of pressure is that? Is he a benevolent soul or a call centre team leader…I mean a Nazi task master that will reward you if you do things his way? Maybe Santa is a dom and he likes to make people submit to his will. And just what does he consider bad? And does he want you to be bad? Tell Santa what a naughty girl you’ve been this year and I’ll give you a body shaking orga…um…er…orange.

"Making a list of who’s been naughty or nice" …he has a list???? So while he’s peeping he writing about it? Who is he Big Brother?

"You better not cry you better not pout"geeze, so you can’t express any emotion but happiness and goodness? What about fear when you see him peeking in the window? Is it politically correct to poke Santa in the eyes or kneecap him like you could any other intruder?

There is something very wrong when a bearded, ‘jolly’ fat man dressed in red who plays with reindeers is deciding who gets presents. And don’t get me started on Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer…

A Mad About Mirabelle moment….

“Do you want me?” Mirabelle did not want to beg the man…unless she really had to. Sex crazed or not she still had a few principles left. However the begging thing had turned out quite well in the limo.
“Miss Mirabelle I’d want you if I was gasping my last breath.” Flynn pulled her toward the door. “Come with me. I know where condoms be,” Flynn responded in his best pirate voice as he headed to the guest bedroom he was yet to use. He stopped suddenly at the sound of someone coming toward them. “Fuck! It’s Lila!” They were both naked. Flynn looked around wildly and pulled open the first door her saw.
“Ah, the old hide the naked people in the broom closet trick.” Mirabelle pushed a broom out of the way as he shut the door quickly on them. She giggled softly as she stumbled against the vacuum cleaner.

Do they clean stuff in the closet while they’re there? Check supplies or other stuff? Does what happens in the closet stay in the closet…hmmmm?

Released 19th December at Ellora’s Cave

Just finished reading –
Cherished Destinies – by Anny Cook -
Boji Stones – by Sandra Cox -
Amarinda Rating for both: Frigging excellent

Anny has the thrilling what-could-possibly-happen-next instalment of the blog serial on Kelly has either the meaning of life, the cost of fruit or the joys of collecting bottle tops on And check out Dakota Rebel is talking dirty…such a shocker that…

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Anonymous said...

Yummy cover Amarinda :D I reckon I'd be smiling too LOL!

Anny Cook said...

So now that I've laughed insanely over your take on Santa... and been enticed by Mirabelle...I guess I'll go back to work on Kama because someone is harassing be about BISHOP!

Have a great day, AJ.

Kelly Kirch said...

Bi-sh-op! Bishop! Bishop! Bishop!!
Don't know who that could be...

Mixed messages with Santa. I mean, you aren't supposed to take candy or presents from strange men. Yet he's allowed to snoop through your curtains and watch you at every waking second, then pay you for entertaining him by giving you gifts, but ONLY if you sit on his lap. And wiggle a little. Perv.

Brynn Paulin said...

Oh HELLO!!! Nice cover!! Book sounds good too!

Sandra Cox said...

Amarinda, I know you're into the mind thing but I got to say I do like Jae's Santa better than yours. grin.
Your cover on the other hand is very hot:)

barbara huffert said...

Oh come on, AJ. Tell us about Rudolph!