Sunday, 23 December 2007

Sticky Sunday…

Frosty Boy

A – Thanks for coming to Brisbane, Frosty.
F – Frig its hot here!
A – I won’t keep you long
F – Damn right you won’t. This humidity is just wrong
A – What’s the best thing about Christmas?
F – The cold weather and that fact I’m a star at Christmas. People love me.
A- So once a year, after Santa Claus, being the 2nd centre of attention is important to you?
F – Bloody Santa. That’s all padding you know. He’s not all that cute and cuddly. This is real, buff ice here. Wanna’feel?
A – I’ll take you word for it. What’s the worst thing about Christmas?
F – When people stick a carrot in my nose. What’s that about?

A – I guess that’s what they think of as a being a good nose.
F – My nose ain’t that big…other parts of me are though. Wanna’ see?
A - No show and tell thanks. We only see you once a year. What do you do for the rest of the year?
F – I hang out at the North Pole and shoot the breeze with the elves. They’re plotting to overthrow Santa you know.
A – You seem happy about that
F – They’ve promised me I will be the leader
A – And you trust them?
F – Elves wouldn’t lie
A- Okay then (eye roll) ….what do you wish the world for this holiday season?
F - Chill out and we’ll have peace
A – Nobel sentiments, Frosty
F – This is why I’ll be the leader. I’m so cool.
A – Uh huh…

Sunday highlights…or not….

- bloody humid in Bris but I would not trade it for snow…hell no.
- Ventured to the shops to buy salads, prawns(shrimp) and pick up my new ruby red framed glasses. Surprisingly, I was not trampled to death in the Christmas OMG-we’re buying-for-siege-frenzy – but then I’m pretty hard to knock down.
- Decided to dye my hair chocolate brown. Why? Just felt like it
- Discussed the meaning of life with Ethel…okay, we gossiped but it was meaningful-ish.
- Exercised – puke, spew - to burn off some of the Tim Tam bloat
- wrote lots
- It rained for five minutes then stopped. It was an exciting 5 minutes
- Someone in the neighbourhood played Hark the bloody Herald Angels Sing 57 frigging times today. Oh the inhumanity of it…

Last Man Standing – what’s the story?

“I don’t want to talk to you, Alex. I believe we have said all that we need to.” And Amy sure as hell didn’t want to spend any longer with him than she had to because her feelings were mighty treacherous at the moment when mixed with the additional surge of hormones pulsating through her body. She had to be tough and not let whatever she may have felt for him get to her. “You have said you aren’t the father. So be it.” She had changed into a simple white cotton night shirt for comfort but now she felt anything but comfortable with Alex Navarro watching her. He just had a way of making her hot with one glance. And she needed to feel cool and collected. Amy looked around her quickly. Was there a damn fan in this room? And where was her strawberry bubble gum when she needed it?
“I may have said that but I know I am the father.”
Amy’s eyebrows arched in surprise and maybe, just maybe in the tiniest bit of relief. It was a feeling that she instantly quashed.
“No you’re not. It was someone else.”
“I know you Red, there is no one else for you.” They both knew that was true, but only one of them would admit it out loud.
“Yes, well, that would have been the correct answer a couple of hours ago or maybe even six months ago when you left me but it’s now all too late.” Amy looked up at the tall, blond man before her. She hated that he had put her in this position of having to defend herself against her feelings. She did not want to be having this, or any other conversation with Alex. Just being near him again after so long was already crumbling her carefully built defenses. How was it possible that someone she barely knew and had been with for such a short time could affect her so?
“And you don’t know me at all. If you did you would never have…” She stopped herself before she said “hurt me so much when you left me”. He did not need to know how much his words had hurt her. Alex had not wanted her then, there was no way he was going to have any part of her now.
“Those words about not wanting you…” Even now they were so wrong. How could he ever explain his fears to Amy?
Amy blew out a dismissive breath at his words.
“Whatever, I got over them and you.” She crossed her arms over her chest and tried to look as casual as any woman could when faced by the man she had fallen in love with but refused to allow herself to want again.

12 Days of Romance Comp

The winners are –

1st - Kimberly Lane
2nd- Tina Brunelle
3rd - Jennifer Lindsey

Thanks to everyone who entered. We appreciated your time and effort. Watch out for another competition coming to you soon.

Tomorrow, Christmas eve, I am going up country to where the natives are friendly if not odd so there will be no blog for a couple of days as the Internet is a foreign animal to them. But I am sure Anny and Kelly will entertain as well as the fine blogs to the left. Whatever you are doing this holiday season I wish you peace and safety.

Best Wishes
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


Brynn Paulin said...

Oh the delude [snow]man. Elves don't lie. Yeah, right...

Have a happy Christmas Amarinda. I hope the humidity breaks and best wishes come true.


barbara huffert said...

Have an adventure for me AJ! Happy Holidays

Kelly Kirch said...

Buff snowmen. Now why didn't I think of that? Next time it snows, I'm making a buff snowman.

Molly Daniels said...

Merry Christmas, AJ:)

Anny Cook said...

Merrrrrry Best Wishes for Christmas, AJ! Travel Safely!

Dakota Rebel said...

I tried to read it carefully, I really did. But it is hard to focus on an interview with a snowman when your slideshow is stuck on the picture of a man with a tattoo up this thigh. Come on, help a sister out!

Fun as always AJ. Happy Christmas from me and all of Bear Force One.


Sandra Cox said...

I still think you need to get these interviews published:
Santa and Cohorts or The Dirt on Saint Nick or Maybe Mrs. Claus tells all.
Happy Holidays