Monday, 3 December 2007

Take your job and shove it...

I believe everyone has a moment in their lives when that say enough - I will not be treated this way. I quit. I did that today. I was pushed one too many times at work and I thought, fuck it. I am not going to live my life like this. So I resigned. What did the new manager say? Sorry to see you go? Tell me what the problem is? No, he said – Okay. Yes, that’s right – okay. Wanker. Then all the men in the office got together into a huddle to discuss the woman resigning. Their conclusion? Give her the silent treatment. Ooh, how terrible! Was I wounded? Nope, a pin prick cannot wound you, nor a dozen similar pricks. So I work to the end of this week and have a week of holidays the next. The head wanker did break the cone of silence to ask “Can you write up a list of duties you do before you leave?” My response – “I can - but I won't.”

So there it is – onwards and upwards to new job. What is it? I don’t know yet. Am I worried over not having one to go to? Nah, I never sweat the small stuff. Life is full of change. It’s more important to be treated with respect than not. I did have various clients I deal with ring and tell me how upset they were I was leaving and ‘did I need a reference’ as they wanted to give me one as I am such a ‘great person.’ That’s nice. You never know who’s in your corner until stuff like this happens.

Not that I have had it tough. I choose my battles and I move on accordingly when the time comes. I’m lucky. I have the ability to do that. I am aware of the consequences of my actions. This is a mere hiccup in my life. There are many more people worse off. I know a woman who is going to have a breast removed. How can being temporarily without a job compete with that? I sometimes think, and I am guilty of this as well, that we whine about things that really aren’t important in the scheme of things. I have a roof over my head, food to eat if I choose to eat and a warm bed. I do not have to worry about trying to find my kids shelter, if my home will be bombed or if I will say the wrong word and be jailed. I am lucky and I know it. Yes, it is human nature to whine but occasionally we need to pull out heads in and realize good fortune when we have it.

Whoa, I think I was channeling Anny Cook – there – getting all deep and meaningful. I swear I will stop it. Kelly Kirch on has the blog serial today. I have no bloody idea what she has written yet but I expect it will make my eye twitch. I saw photos of these women yesterday. As I always suspected they are goddesses. I could only send photos of me 20 years ago as all the current ones were elsewhere. I told them to age me 20 years and give me dyed red hair. That’s me. I have not changed much. When I was a kid I used to always get mistaken for being older than I was. I used to hate it. But now, as an adult, I realize the benefit in that for essentially I have not changed much at all. I look the same – just more jaded and louder. Sure, I have wrinkles – anyone that has lived life well does. Things sag here and there but what can you do about gravity other than hydraulically lift things up? Besides, I think it keeps bra manufacturers in a job coming up with new ways to hoist ‘em.

So I say aging is good. Am I mad? Most likely. Tell me – did you know half the stuff you know now when you were 20?

Five fast Ones with Cindy Spencer Pape

1. What star sign are you? Name one fabulous characteristic of this sign.
Aries: always adventurous (and apparently alliterative!)

2. Aliens surround your house during your favourite TV show. You are in grave danger. Do you turn up the sound? Grab your laptop and start taking notes for your next book? Or do you turn off the lights and pretend you’re not at home? Or none of the above?

Definitely B—no TV show would be worth missing that! Inquiring minds want to KNOW.

3. My favourite food is….because….
....buttered popcorn—because it has butter…and salt…okay, if you add caramel and cashews, it just MIGHT be even better.

4.If I was in charge of the world I would….

Smack around all the good-old-boys (yep, I’m non-partisan—I’d smack ALL of ‘em upside the head) who have mucked things up for so long.

5. Name your special talent.
Explaining things in ways people can understand. Like translating but within a language.

Blurb: One Good Man, by Lacey Thorn and Cindy Spencer Pape - click and buy

One of the most enduring of all urban legends is the story of the phantom hitchhiker. Young or old, male or female, in need of help or just needing a ride, the legends vary. A helpful driver offers a ride and the passenger gives directions. When they arrive at the destination however, the driver discovers the passenger has vanished, sometimes leaving behind a piece of clothing or some other memento to mark his or her passing. A stormy night, a deserted country road, a blown tire, and a woman on the run from a killer. Is the handsome young Marine here to save her? Or is he just a figment of her imagination?

Casey is caught between a murderer, a ghost and the wounded soldier who could either save her life or break her heart. Grant can deal with Thanksgiving snowstorms and determined killers but not his brother’s ghost, and not a woman who makes him start thinking about the future. Can Grant let go of the past to embrace the explosive passion he finds with Casey? He’s willing to risk his life for hers, but what about his heart?

Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


Kelly Kirch said...

Pure genius as always AJ. And I still maintain my stand that you did not look closely enough to find the pustules and five noses. Not my problem as I'm sure my brilliant personality was more than the camera could manage. Anny and AJ are freakin' beautiful and I've seen a picture of Bronwyn now too. She's another gorgeous lovely.

Anny Cook said...

Exceptional blog from an exceptional woman. May all your troubles be small ones and may the job that just right for you pop up...just as soon as your vacation is over.

So they don't know what you do, eh? Interesting.

Molly Daniels said...

I love it..."Can you write up a list of things you do?" No one will be able to take your place, and I predict that office will be in total chaos before they start calling you to come back...

Brynn Paulin said...

Congrats on taking a stand and good luck finding the new and absolutely fabulous job which you'll love. It's out there searching for you.

Dakota Rebel said...

I love nothing more than quitting a job. I have done it 36 times in my 27 years and every time feels better than the last.

Unfortunately, (kind of) I really like my current real world job. They will have to drag me out kicking and screaming before I give this place up.

But hooray for standing up and, well, making a stand and all that. You go girl. Eat some Tim Tams, do a few Tim Tam slams into a bottle of Kaluha, and write some smut. The triple threat cure all for what ails you.

Best of luck you fabulous Aussie you.


Sandra Cox said...

Behind you a 110 percent, girlfriend.

barbara huffert said...

You could always write a list that's too confusing for them to understand.

I can't wait to hear where you land next.

Bronwyn's Blog said...

They deserve far better than you, Amarinda - I suspect that fact will become painfully clear some time next week. What a bunch of freaking wankers!