Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Darling or Diva?

Quote for the day - That which does not kill me makes me strong

Another Mad About Mirabelle moment….

….His eyes snapped open wide and he grinned in instant recognition. Yep it was definitely him. She would know that face anywhere. Same wavy black hair, scarred forehead and same wicked “let me do what I want to you eyes”. She could only hope he was gentleman enough not to explain to Lila that her neighbor had begged him to fuck her. Lila Standish made mouth watering homemade cookies and Mirabelle would hate to have her supply cut on a moral technicality.
Be cool, be calm and be collected. He’s just a man you had knee wobbling sex with. No big deal.

Released 19th December through Ellora’s Cave

The comp…

Only two people left to say what their true love gave to the. I’m one – who’s the other? Which one of us has the answer today?

Another Five Fantastic Reasons to buy an e-book this Christmas….

1. You won’t have to move house. What? Do you love books and can’t throw a book out but you are running out of space in your current home? Don’t move, buy e-books for you PC/laptop instead.

2. Last minute gift giving. Bugger! You forgot a gift for your cousin, twelves times removed, so go online, click, buy and email. Problem solved.

3. You will be able to eat chocolate as you read as you'll have a hand free as you don’t have to turn pages

4. Only want a short, quick satisfying read? Buy an Ellora's Cave quickie book or a novella. You don’t have to buy a full book and it’s cheaper – ker-ching.

5. Need to look busy at work? Have an e-book loaded onto you computer/laptop and be engrossed. Wow, Ms Jones is certainly working hard today. Just look at the concentration on her face. We need to pay her more.

And because e-books are so good for you, here are some great books to buy this Christmas because…

Because what happens in the elevator does not always stay in the elevator Because I Can - Amarinda Jones -

When faced with yet another guaranteed bad day find a commanding stranger and do exactly as he says. My Last Dark Day – Barbara Huffert

A race through time, connected only by their minds. Always On My Mind - Judith Rochelle -

"A ghostly encounter in a Welsh town changed Sally Carter's life forever." Isabelle’s Diary – Anita Birt

How far will a desperate man go to break a 300 year-old sidhe curse? SEDUCING THE STONES by Kathy Kulig

What happens when the imaginary boyfriend you invented turns up in the flesh? Deal of a Lifetime – Barbara Huffert

Click on the titles or links above and buy the book. Go on, you know you want to…be daring…. See how easy it is to shop on the Amarinda Blog?

What’s her story?

Mrs Claus – who exactly is she? A sweet homemaker content to stay at the North Pole and make cookies or a sharp business women pushing Santa onto world wide domination? I was fortunate enough to interview her.

A – Thanks for talking to me Mrs S.
Mrs S – A pleasure
A – Is it true the elves hate you?
Mrs S – Fucking little green men ….er…I mean what a challenging group of individuals they are.
A – They seem to be working under terrible conditions.
Mrs S – Hmmm…you spoke to one of them? Which one?
A – I can’t tell you but I want to know how important the elves are to Christmas
Mrs S – They are paramount! We cannot get by without them and they know it, the little bastards.
A – Sorry, what was that? I missed that last bit.
Mrs S – I was saying how they make great baskets.
A – Your husband Mr Claus is a busy man. How do you feel when he is away from home over Christmas?
Mrs S – He is a true man of the people, I would never stop him from carrying out the noble traditions of his calling.
A – I hear the police had to break up a noisy party here at your home last year on Christmas Eve two hours after your husband left on the Christmas run
Mrs S - Er, that was…er…
A – Apparently there were male strippers?
Mrs S – Um no, they were unfortunate men we were helping to clothe
A – Yes, I understand leopard print g-strings were big last year
Mrs S – No doubt you want to hear about Santa’s good deeds.
A – In a moment…is it true that before you met Mr Claus you were a Pole dancer at Swifty La Rue’s bar?
Mrs S - Santa adores handing out present to the little children as their happy faces make him so happy.
A – Let’s face it Mrs S you and Santa run an Elf sweat shop for profit
Mrs S – That’s a dirty lie! We barely break even! Oh wait, cut that bit out.
A – I think I have all I need. Anything you’d like to say to the boys and girls?
Mrs S – Just remember Santa knows when you’ve been naughty or nice.
A – Apparently, not with you though…

On the blog serial Kelly on left us with....

Instantly they were outside as she bobbed over his shoulder with each racing step he took down the path. "I--need--the--key," she gasped.
"I have the only key ye be needin' wench. Harrrrr!"
"Harrrr! Harrr! Haaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrk." A dark green loogie slapped the path in her line of sight. "Aye, that's better. Been havin' some sinus congestion lately."

I'm going with...

“Oh fuck, I’ve had enough of this,” Emmeline
muttered. There was only one person who could help her. When the pirate’s hand caressed her butt she screamed the name out. “Zoltan!”

In a puff of blue smoke he appeared. “Yes my love?” He was dressed as Santa Claus.

“Who the hell are you? The pirate looked at him menacingly.

No fake white beard could hide from Emmeline the darkly handsome man’s identity. “You were a donkey when I last I saw you.”

“I am never what I seem you know that, Em.” He tilted his head and looked at her hanging upside down. “You look like you need help.” He grinned.

“You think?”

“Unhand my wife, you villain!” Zoltan stood his ground and stared at the pirate.

“Or what?”

“Or this.” With a flick of his wrist he turned him into a frog. This was not a good thing to be so near the Gutted Frog Inn.

Emmeline fell heavily to the ground. “Jeeze, give a girl some warning.”

“I like to take you by surprise.” Zoltan helped her to her feet. “So what’s the scam?”

“A key and an ancient map.”

“Sounds boring. I have other plans for us.”

Us? “I don’t want to be naked with you.” She did dumb things when that happened.

“Chicken,” he massaged her hand within his. “I want to show you the true spirit of Christmas.”

Emmeline snorted. “I’m not interested in shopping or eating myself into a coma.”

“Come with me,” Zoltan implored. “Trust me.”

Where will Zoltan take her? Check out tomorrow.

The comp...

Gee, so I don’t have the clue today nor have I had it on any other day so that must mean I have it tomorrow. So, have you collected all other eleven answers? You have one more until you can e-mail the final 12 to with 12 days of Romance in the subject line to win some great books. As you know there will be three lucky winners. The prizes –1st prize--6 books, 2nd prize--4 books, 3rd prize--2 books. To be fair, all books and prize winners will be drawn randomly. All answers must be received no later than the stroke of midnight 21st December (Northern hemisphere time). If you missed out on an answer don’t despair. Check through the blog and web sites listed below. Good luck

Anny Cook Winter Hearts
Sandra Cox Boji Stones
Bronwyn Green Ronan's Grail
Heather Hiestand Cards Never Lie
Barbara Huffert Deal of a Lifetime
Amarinda Jones Mad About Mirabelle
Kelly Kirch Time for Love
Cindy Spencer Pape Cowboy's Christmas Bride
Brynn Paulin Fallen
JacquƩline Roth Access Denied
KZ Snow Mrs. Claws
Lacey Thorn Earth Moves
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


barbara huffert said...

Mrs. S was a pole dancer? Wow I never knew that!

Kelly Kirch said...

LOL! AJ you are a riot. I loved the interview. Pole dancing and clothing unfortunate men. Those sad sad naked hunks.

Dakota Rebel said...

Mrs. Claus has HOT boots. I wish my husband was Santa.

Anny Cook said...

Well, my comment got lost on the way to Australia! Maybe Santa hijacked it on his sleigh!

Bad Mrs. Santa, bad. Glad you resurrected Zoltan. Not sure where we're gonna go, but...

Brynn Paulin said...

God! I love that interview. Perfect!!

Sandra Cox said...

You've outdone yourself this time. That interview was hilarious!
And I love the reason to buy an e reader is so you'll have your hand free for chocolate. Makes the greatest sense.