Tuesday, 25 December 2007

So that was Christmas....

Christmas in Australia is over for another year but it's still Christmas somewhere in the world. To those still celebrating - enjoy. To those whose spiritual beliefs are not about Christmas - may this be a peaceful time for you. For people who don't follow the hoop-la of Christmas or march to the beat of a different drum - individuals rock. I raise my glass to you.

To those who have loved ones serving overseas in the defence forces - no matter from what country or where - I wish them safety and a speedy homecoming.

Okay, so if you have been reading my blog for the last week you will know I did some in-depth interviews with the mob (Aussie for group) in the North Pole. So what do you reckon Santa, the Missus, the Elves, Rudolph and the Ghosts of Christmas past/future do for the rest of the year? Does Santa claim unemployment benefits? Does Mrs Claus go back to pole dancing? I suspect the Elf revolution is forever an ongoing event. Anyone who has ever worked in a call centre knows that plotting, planning and scheming for an overthrow never ends. As

for Rudolph…I suspect he does the rounds of B grade celebrity game shows. He may even decide to have his own perfume label. Beckham does so why a reindeer? And what of the Ghosts of Christmas past and future? My personal belief is they write greeting cards for the rest of the year.

I drove back home on the arvo (afternoon for non Aussies) of Christmas day. I figured it would be quiet as not many people on the highway as they would all be doing the after Christmas lunch thing. Anyway, it was quiet but for the Indy 500 speed car racers of the highway. I’ll admit, please don’t be shocked, that I do not follow a lot of rules. Yes, it is hard to believe. But I do believe in the road rules. If it says 100 clicks an hours (kilometres) I will sit on that. Why? The main reason is I would be excessively pissed off at myself if I had to pay for a speeding ticket. It fascinates me that no matter how much the government warns people to be careful on the roads the message is just not sinking in. I am sure a lot of people get behind the wheel and think they are invincible. The thing is they’re not. If you’re speeding – pull you head in. I suspect someone may love you. Don’t be a dipstick. Slow down.

Sneak Peak of Shades of Gray - by moi- released 6th February 2008

What was supposed to be a power walk through a cemetery turns out to be the best sex of Temperance Larkin’s life. Maybe having sex in a cemetery with a stranger is a naughty thing to do but then it’s a night for being naughty, for being accosted by sexy vampires and for finding out the guy who was all tight and hot inside you is a cop. Holy crap! What next?

Asher Marriott is a cop haunted by who he is. A horrible twist of fate condemned him to live his life as a vampire. When Temperance walks into his lonely life he begins to hope that all his efforts to change his fate have not been in vain. Temperance is the sanctuary he craves. He now must make her believe it.

But an old enemy threatens any peace or happiness Asher and Temperance hope to find. It is going to take the combined power of vampires, a witch and one mortal woman with attitude to kick Madigan Ap Lyr’s ass back to hell where he belongs.

The Excerpt...

“Temperance verses the vampires—Temperance wins. Who needed Buffy to kick ass?” She murmured to herself and sighed. “I have not had sex in so long I wouldn’t even know what to do with a man anyway.”
“I bet you would.”
Temperance screamed and swung around. What now?
“Who the hell are you?” she demanded as she stared at yet another guy dressed in black lounging against the tombstone she had been previously reading. Her heart beat erratically as she looked the man up and down. Hot. His shoulder length white hair was slicked back into a ponytail and even in the fading light she could see he had the kind of face a Greek God would be jealous of. High cheekbones, a determined chin, smoldering eyes and sensuously carved lips. Hotter. He was tall and lean and the other guys were nothing compared to this man. They were just excellent wannabe studs in waiting. This was the master. Temperance’s thighs sweated just looking at him. She could felt the sensual heat rising from his body. Hottest.
“Did I scare you?” The man moved with a slow predatory ease toward her.
Whoa. What a voice. It was deep and sensual and like hot chocolate fudge over ice-cream. She felt the muscles between her legs tighten in response and it had nothing to do with empty calories.
“Well duh…” Temperance stood her ground and stared at the man in fascination. His hair was white yet his face was that of a man in his mid thirties. And those eyes. They were green and piercing and bright with interest. Those eyes looked at her with a recognition that made her tremble. Who was he and why did she have the feeling she should know him? Or was she still hung over from the pheromones of the guy before?
“I’m sorry if I scared you.” He stood before her and looked down at her, his eyes soft and lingering. “You’re very beautiful.” He pushed a stray piece of hair behind her ear.
Temperance now understood how a deer could be stunned by the headlights of a car. She was stunned by those deep green eyes and she wanted to believe she was beautiful for him.
“I am hot and sweaty.” Was the cemetery the new in place to pick up hot men? Temperance would be hanging out here more often if that was the case.
“But you are beautiful and I want you.”
Good grief. Everyone wanted her tonight. Where were these men last week when she had been so desperate she had used her fingers to seek release? And how crazy was it that these complete—albeit drop-dead-gorgeous—strangers were coming on to her? Men like that did not look at average-looking non-svelte-like women like her. They went for whippet thin scrawny assed models. Temperance just knew there had to be a catch.
“Are you nuts?” It would be a damn shame if he was as she was seriously attracted to this man. The previous man was interesting but this one was something else. There was something sexually compelling about him. Something that instantly called to her to be wild and crazy but only with him. Was celibacy making her believe and feel nonsensical things?
“Are you?” the man asked in amusement.
The smile he gave her would make angels run wild and Temperance Larkin was no angel.
“More than likely.” Temperance was hot after the last guy but this one had her wet between the legs with a look. This was lust at first sight.
“Have you never had a man who was so instantly attracted to you that you wanted him to fuck you until you screamed out loud?” His words were husky and low and full of promise.
No—but lord knows that sounded good and sex burned off a lot of calories.
“Not that that I believed wasn’t very drunk—no. Do you often proposition women in graveyards?”
“There is a wild sexual essence emanating from you that I find irresistible.” His hands slid down to her waist and pulled her close to his body.
What a great pick up line.
“That would be the sweat I mentioned earlier.” Temperance gasped as her body came in contact with hard, male flesh. Yum. Back away. Be good and…er…what else? She could not think straight with him touching her.
“You smell divine,” he murmured softly as his hands went down to cup her ass.
Temperance loved the feel of his hands on her ass. It was not a small one by any means but his hands caressed her ass like he wanted to savor every curve. She pressed against him eagerly. She was hoping like hell that it was no gun pressing into her stomach but instead a huge hard cock in his trousers.
“What am I doing?” Temperance pushed her hands against his chest. Oh yeah, very nice firm muscles there. “I don’t know you.” Yet here she was hungrily pushing up against him while he copped a feel. What was that about? She had heard a lack of sex could make you go mad or was that the other way round? Whatever it was it had to be wrong to feel this on fire for this stranger.
“You know me,” the man leaned down and whispered the words against her mouth.
The warm breath on her face made her insides start to unravel. Temperance wanted to know the feel of him inside her very badly. It was wanton and sluttish but bring it on.
“I shouldn’t…” she murmured looking into his beautiful green eyes as if looking for reason she felt the way she did.
“I know you want me.” The man placed his lips on hers and kissed her hungrily.
“Oh my…” Temperance moaned softly as his tongue slid into her mouth. She fought for one mad minute against his tongue and hungry lips. This was wrong. She should stop but he tasted so good. Wrong verses good? Logically, going with what felt good seemed the way to head. It had been so long since she had felt anything but empty and frustrated. Besides if it all turned out to be wrong then she could always chalk it up to yet another life experience. As the kiss deepened, Temperance made her mind up. She gave up all pretence of resistance and kissed him back with a passion that surprised her. No man had ever demanded and got such an instant response from her. Maybe she could have stopped the lips that ravaged hers or the hands that slid feverishly under her t-shirt and started undoing her bra. Maybe—if she had really wanted to, if this man did not feel so good against her or if his kisses were not drugging her senses—maybe she could have. But she wasn’t that insane.

So, does she just break off the kiss, slap his face for his impertinence and march off offended? Or, does she see what the hot guy can do...after one's watching...or are they?
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


Brynn Paulin said...

The book sounds awesome and I LOVE the cover!

I hope you had a happy Christmas! Do you celebrate Boxing Day in Oz?

Amarinda Jones said...

It's not celebrated as anything significant other than a big shopping day - like your black Friday

Anny Cook said...

Well, gray will be quite yummy. I eagerly await this one as you don't write fast enough for me!

Get to writing!