Thursday, 6 December 2007

Get thee gone song!

Quote for the day -
Lead me not into temptation; I can find the way myself --Rita Mae Brown

The Goddess and The Ghost – aka – the man with the freaky blond hair book - click on the cover to buy and support my Tim Tam addiction

Amarinda Jones is on her way to the top in this reviewer’s opinion! I have read many ghost romances, and few of them live up to the hype, but this one definitely does. Ms. Jones pleasantly surprised me with a book that makes you think that the premise just might be possible. Beautiful lovemaking scenes throughout, and the love-at-first-sight premise kept me quickly turning the pages. Zipporah with her “take charge” attitude is a delight. I adored Rian because he was so caring and loving towards Zipporah even when she was having her “moments” and was cranky. If you are seeking a fun, exhilarating read with plenty of hot sex and mystery, then you do not want to miss this keeper!

The non art of writing romance…

There are some days I just cannot write sex. I get home from work and think do I write sex or do I slump on the lounge in a heap? There are other times that I write around the sex. I write ‘put sex here’ or “he will do X, Y and Z to her – heavy on Z.” Strangely enough I can write sex really well early in the morning or if I have a bowl of popcorn nearby. No, I don’t think popcorn is an aphrodisiac but for some reason it inspires me. And no, I never indicated at any time that I was normal. I also utilize my pissed off or hormonal times to kill or hunt down the villain of the book as they will die painfully for annoying the lovers. However it is also one of those times I have to be very careful I don’t maim the hero just because he is a man and he should for god sake leave the heroine alone to make up her own mind. See how angst filled writing is?

Changing the subject because I can…Christmas in Australia is hot. Yes, that’s a no- brainer. However, I am sitting here hot and sweaty with the fan on and I have a bloody Christmas song –"the weather outside is frightful…let it snow...ydah, ydah, ydah – going round in my mind. Okay, ydah, ydah, ydah is not part of that song in case you are wondering. Anyway I heard it on the radio on the way home from work and now I cannot stop singing it. I am not a Christmas person. I know, you’re probably saying ‘get the hell out’ but I’m not. It’s not a Scrooge thing. It just doesn’t move me. Only my feet do. I don’t put up a tree and the pile of cards I get sits in a pile. Yes, I am a pathetic Christmas person. Anyway, as I sit here humming that inane cold weather song, I have Christmas beetles slamming into the screen door. These beetles aren’t very smart. They just don’t get that no matter how many times they hurl themselves against a solid object they’re not going to go through it. But they are persistent little buggers, I have to give them that. And no matter how many times I tell them they are going to give themselves brain damage they don’t listen. Beetles what can you do with ‘em?

Five fast ones with author Dakota Rebel….

What star sign are you? Name one fabulous characteristic of this sign. - Taurus. We love to shop for…well anything. Taurus loves to hoard material objects for no particular need or reason.

1. Aliens surround your house during your favourite TV show. You are in grave danger. Do you turn up the sound? Grab your laptop and start taking notes for your next book? Or do you turn off the lights and pretend you’re not at home? Or none of the above?

- Like outer space aliens, or people from another country aliens? Do they have food? Is it salty or chocolate? Am I really in grave danger, or can I sic them on the other people in the house? Do they like Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

3. My favourite food is….because….

Cheese Quesadillas from Taco Bell. Because, (and I am not positive about this but I am at least relatively sure), they put crack in the sauce.

4. If I was in charge of the world I would….

Order Daniel Radcliffe to do very naughty things for my viewing pleasure. Then I would work on nice stuff like peace and healing and blah, blah, blah. But first, Ooh Danny!!!

5. Name your special talent.

I can embarrass ANYONE who is brave enough to go out in public with me. No really. I will act like a complete ass if I think I can get someone else to feel uncomfortable with the situation. This is great fun for me.

Sweet Dreams - available February 4, 2008 from Total E Bound Publishing - until then go an annoy Dakota on her blog -

Veronica Duff is a vampire hunter with the U.S. Army and has hated vampires since a rogue pack of them killed her mother 14 years ago. Now she’s having erotic dreams about a sexy vampire who claims to be in love with her.

She tries to convince herself he’s not real and the dreams are harmless. But when a second vampire joins the dreams and starts to threaten her life, she’s forced to admit that they are both very real and very dangerous.

Now she must figure out how to get rid of both vampires, the one that craves her love, and the one that wants her dead, before she loses her heart…or her life.

Anny is Mrs Christmas once again on and Kelly has the next insane episode of the blog saga on We bring you all round entertainment.

Twelve Days of Romance

Do you want to win some fantastic holiday reading? If so come celebrate the Twelve days of Romance with 12 authors from Ellora's Cave, Wild Rose Press, Total-E-Bound and Cerridwen Press. Each day beginning December 8th and running through December 19th one of the twelve authors will tell what their "True love gave to them" on either their blog or website.
Collect all twelve answers and e-mail them to with 12 days of Romance in the subject line to win some great books. There will be three lucky winners.

The prizes –1st prize--6 books2nd prize--4 books3rd prize--2 booksAll books and prize winners will be drawn randomly

Anny Cook Winter Hearts
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Barbara Huffert Deal of a Lifetime
Amarinda Jones Mad About Mirabelle
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Brynn Paulin Fallen
JacquƩline Roth Access Denied
KZ Snow Mrs. Claws
Lacey Thorn Earth Moves

Answers must be to by midnight 21st December or you turn into a pixie...okay, maybe not - 'can't promise you won't - but you'll miss the chance to win some great books.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


Molly Daniels said...

Great review:)

I will gladly trade houses with you. It is 17 degrees here, no snow yet, but expected by tomorrow, unless the temp rises and we get only rain. My fingers are frozen, and I'm heading into the kitchen to start baking cookies again.

Anny Cook said...

Six inches of snow now with the sun shining brightly enough to blind you. A whopping 27 degrees. That's okay, AJ. I used to live in Houston and 9 out of the 11 years we lived there we had the air conditioning on for Christmas.

Beetles? Ugh.

Val said...

Its -4 here! I hope to put my tree up this weekend. Happy Holidays! Val

Bronwyn's Blog said...

Brilliant review - congrats!

BTW, I'm loving the five fast ones series - it's great fun.

Kelly Kirch said...

I love Dakota's answers. Especially the inquest into Alien abduction. LOL.

Those beetles exist stateside too, AJ. We call them Junebugs. Cause they show up in uh, June and bash their brains on American screens. Must be a hard life for the buggers.

Sandra Cox said...

Another excellent review! YAY! and witty blog.