Tuesday, 11 December 2007

The power of women…

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Job hunt day two - I got offered the word's most boring accounts job. Yes, I am well aware all jobs are boring but this one was so mind numbing that in the interview I alternated being pinching my leg to stay awake and contemplating whether to just say "Please shut up I can't take anymore." Anyway, I declined it. They were disappointed. I think I was the most exciting person they had met. Anyway, to me, there is no point jumping from one crap job to another where you know you won't stay. So as Scarlett O'Hara said - Tomorrow is another day. " Damn right Scarlett.

The new Australian Prime Minister is off overseas to do an international talk-fest and all the newspapers can talk about is that when Kevin is away, the deputy PM, a woman, will run the country. Shock, gasp, horror! How can Julia be in charge without having a penis? And to add

insult to injury the woman is not married! How can we allow an unmarried woman, who is not guided through life by a husband, run the country?? Oh puh-leaseget a grip. Women have been running the world for years – like this will be any different.

Look at Queen Elizabeth the first. She had control of Britain in a dangerous time when war and treachery was common place. Although men were around to advise her, that woman ran the whole show and – gasp – she was not married! Nor would she allow herself to be bullied into it because that’s what women did and still do. We are in the 21st Century, you think we would have worked out that you do not need a penis to be powerful.

Powerful influential women are everywhere from the mothers who raise children, to women who are in the armed forces, to women in business who run vast companies to the girls at school who know exactly what they plan to do with their lives before they leave school. One of the most powerful women in the world right now is Oprah, who is unmarried, but her words have great power that can influence millions. All this is done without a penis. Go figure…

So what is my point? If you are a woman reading this you know. A woman can run a country, a house, a pie drive, the vacuum cleaner, a car pool, hold down a job,or do anything she has to and still be a woman without either a man to help or guide her. Don’t get me wrong men are great but women are more than capable of dealing with anything in life. The following is an excellent example of how real life women cope. We all know them. North Atlantic Nights Author Emmie Graham shared this with me –

My sister Mary Ellen is the strongest woman I know. When her daughter was diagnosed with leukemia, at age 11, and given a 5% chance of survival, she said, "My child is not going to die." She proceeded to find the best doctors in the state of Texas and persuaded them to use her daughter as case study for stem cell transplant that was still experimental (8 years ago) They spent a year getting her daughter healthy enough for transplant, then went through transplant and then spent 100 days, just the 2 of them, in total isolation. During all of this, my sister would not allow anyone near her daughter or herself, if they did not believe that she was going to live. All naysayers were eliminated from their world. Today, her daughter is college student on full academic scholarship. The two of them are the closest mother and daughter team I have ever known. My niece feels like she can take on the world, because, thanks to her mother, she has already beat leukemia. My sister Mary Ellen is the strongest woman I know.

See? Strong women abound.

Will extra pressure be on the acting PM today because she is a woman? Yes. But hopefully one day those with the belief in the penis ruling all will snap out it and join the rest of us in the land of reality.

On Kelly left us with an Emmeline who was in not mood to be trifled with…

Emmeline eyed him cross ways, using his same expression back on him. He wanted that? She shrugged. Who was she to judge? "Guarantee it."

"Here ya go, love." Wendell skipped forward with the peeler, grabbed her by the hand and tugged. "He's this way. C'mon then, before he leaves the docks!"

Keeping the mood alive I have gone with….

“Emmeline baby! Long time no see!” Jack threw his arms out towards her as she approached.

“Back off or I’ll take out the other eye.” She aimed her peeler at his face.

“Yeah, like botulism.” Emmeline looked around her. Sailors leered at her. She narrowed her eyes evilly at them. They scarpered. “So what’s going on here, Blinky?”

“I need your help with a small matter.”

“Uh huh.” Did she look like the caring, helpful sort?

“Well you know Mabel at The Gutted Frog Inn.” That she had dropped her peeler a fraction made Jack a little more confident. Emmeline was not a woman to piss around with. “Well Mabel has been sharing an interlude with a stranger who has a key.”

“Okay, so she’s shagging a guy with a key. Get to the point.”

“I need to get that key.”

“Why?” And what’s in it for me?

“It unlocks something that I need very badly.”

“What? A set of balls, Jack?”

Bitch. Cow. Shrew. That he needed her again galled him. “No Emmeline dear, there is an ancient parchment that is locked within the Gutted Frog statue at the inn.”

“And for some reason you can’t ask Mabel to get it for you.”

“She’s still a tad pissed I did not turn up for our wedding. But she likes you.” You’re both screaming harpies. “Be a dear and speak to Mabel about lifting the key.”

“Bilge breath, I have never been a ‘dear’ but for a seventy-five percent cut of the loot, I’ll tell you what I’ll do.”
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Anny Cook said...

Very good blog. I still say if men had the first baby, there wouldn't be anymore after that.

Brynn Paulin said...

What the he** does being married have to do with running a country?! For godsakes people, get a grip!! Great post AJ.

Bronwyn's Blog said...

Excellent post. Perhaps Julia can get in some asskicking while he's gone.

Molly Daniels said...

Fantastic blog! Clearly, the men who think a single woman cannot run the country has never taken a good look at their wives...or their mothers!

Kelly Kirch said...

Brilliant as ever, my Aussie friend. Is that Batman clip for real? The writer had to have been suicidal to print that. And WonderWoman too? I mean really, I always wear clinging red dresses and arch my back to deformity when being saved by a woman. Have to keep my options open, ya know. Sheesh.

Georgie Lee said...

A Gone With the Wind woman after my own heart! Good luck with the job hunt.

Sandra Cox said...

Wow, that was an amazing story about the mother who fought to save her child.
Wonderful job as always. And speaking of jobs, good luck. I trust you find something that has a thread of fun running through it.