Sunday, 30 December 2007

The Sunday groan…

Quote for today – It is better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life --Sister Elizabeth Kenny

I am in pain. It’s my own stupid fault of course. I have the inability to ask for help when I may possibly need it. I can do everything myself. I am one of those people who are adamant in their actions – “no, don’t help me – I have it under control.” I am woman….in pain…but still woman. I am walking around like one of the puppet characters from The Thunderbirds.

Yesterday, I had a search and destroy mission in the garden. Once a year I have a massive prune of the large trees in my yard. I have many, many trees (melaleuca and grevillea) –probably too many but I am doing my bit for the environment. The ozone is still intact over Chez Amarinda. Anyway, I have one of those extension saws that you use to cut large branches that are way up high in the air. It requires much practice and balance and the ability to run when a humongous branch comes crashing down towards you. I did that all day. Yes, I could have asked for help but I have the innate belief that I can do everything myself – hence why I am in pain.

I am a great believer in the equality of the sexes. Women do some things better than men and men have a physical strength most women will never have. It’s a fact. I could have used one of those men yesterday but for the asking for help thing. I expect one day I will ask and those who know me will be gobsmacked and unsure how to answer. I’ll admit I kind of like it when men get that ‘what does she mean by that’ look on their face. So there it is I am annoying and independent and yet I love me. Most importantly the trees are pruned. Which is good because there are some really high winds blowing in the Sunshine State (Queensland) at the moment. It’s a low or a front or something. You know, one of those squiggly lines on the television weather map thingy. If I paid more attention in Science at high school I could tell you. But alas I didn’t. I spent most of high school waiting for the bell to ring or avoiding sport.

Note for Scorpios…the Sunday newspaper says “The new year ahead will be a happy one.” That’s good enough for me. I will believe that. Not like they’d lie…

Why this picture? There is something about dark, brooding men that fascinates me. This is actor Richard Armitage. He plays Sir Guy of Gisborne on the BBC series of Robin Hood. Why do I have him on the blog? I just wanted to. He’s just so very yummy and that’s reason enough.

I have been reading a few blogs about e-books and romance writing in general. I love that fact that people have opinions and are not scared to nail their colours to the masthead and give ‘em. My own opinion on e-books? Well I write them. I like them. I believe there are good ones and crap ones – as there are good and bad paperbacks out there. I always judge stuff on its merits. I would never dismiss anything out of hand because that’s the popular thing to do. As for writing and reading romance. It’s an escape. People can zone out for a couple of hours and not think about all the crap going on in their lives. Don’t we love and deserve that? Sure, you know 99.9% of the time there is going to be a happy ending. And no, the hero generally does not kill the heroine nor does he leaves her heartbroken at the end. And yes, the bad guy will most likely get his comeuppance. That’s what romance is. It’s happily ever after stuff. Read it or not. Write it or not. Have an opinion on it or not. That’s what makes writing and books interesting. Love it, hate it, give an opinion – whatever – its ambivalence that makes us boring.

On that note…here’s an excerpt from both an e-book and a romance…gasp! What the hell – let’s live dangerously and controversially I say.

The Goddess Within – Book 1 of the Goddess Grind series

The present

Mardi Keller screamed as the orgasm drove her face forward onto the floor.
“Oh God,” she panted out loud as Stryker continued to thrust hard and deep into her from behind. She clutched at the short pile of the carpet and thanked God that fate had brought this delicious man her way. Mardi pushed up and back against him feeling the heat of his balls as they slapped against her arse. Her knees were wobbly and her heart was pounding but she wanted all this man had to give. At the last hard thrust of his cock, Mardi shrieked in pleasure and fell to the floor gasping for breath. “Bloody hell you are good.”
Stryker laughed and dropped down on the ground beside Mardi, pulling her into his arms.

“You are beautiful,” he murmured against her lips as he kissed her softly.
“I have my moments.” And this was definitely one of them. Mardi looked into his eyes and for a split second saw her future.
“Marry me Miss Mardi.”
Mardi’s eyes snapped open with amazement. Of all the things she expected to hear this was not one of them. She pushed away from him in shock.
“What? Are you nuts?”

Hmm…is he nuts? Maybe, maybe not…

Anny is back at her home in downtown USA and Kelly is somewhere is Minnesota or a maybe having a soda, I’m not sure which. Check ‘em out on and And, as always I will be back tomorrow to pontificate on nothing in particular because that’s what I do.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


Anny Cook said...

Silly woman. And you with not enough water for a nice hot bath! Maybe the high winds will bring rain? I hope so. I would gladly give you some of mine.

Romance books are just as much escapism as mysteries, action adventures, or spy-thrillers and they are often more fun.

Good blog!

Molly Daniels said...

I offered to send my hubby for any repairs you might need, ha ha...I hope your aches disappear soon! And loved this book and the sequel:)

barbara huffert said...

The mental image of you sprinting as the branches begin to fall is classic. Once again you've made my day. Thanks!

Sandra Cox said...

Yummy is exactly the right word for Richard.
And I'm with Barbara that's a great visual.

Kelly Kirch said...

Don't know about Richard. He's not my type though I like dark haired sorts. And yet hubby is short and blond. Hmm.

Like Barb, I'm rather taken with the image of you darting for cover with your split lip and bruised cheek. Makes me sound uncaring but you present such a picture, you really cannot blame me.

Jacquéline_Roth said...

I love your blogs and some days I LOVE your blogs.

I scrolled down to say how much I loved the movie of Sister Kenny's life. (Rosalind Russel I think?) and there is a delightful horoscope promising me and all the other little Scorpios out there a good year.

Then there was that dark, sharp-eyed darlin looking back at me. Don't watch television... ever... but for that I could be tempted to make an exception.