Thursday, 10 January 2008

You can hold my intestines anytime….

Seducing Celestine - Review

On a cold wintry night while stuck in doors sometimes you just need to do something fun. Seducing Celestine turned my cold evening into one filled with laughter and heat. Celestine is the epitome of a quirky heroine, full of spunk, oddball behavior and is a total sexpot in bed. Her duel with Nick over the possibility that their relationship is more than just sex was a pleasure to enjoy. As always, the male lead in the story, Nick, is a happy-go-lucky guy who knows what he wants, knows when to push and when to step back and let his woman figure things out on her own. I’ve become a rabid fan of Amarinda Jones and her outback dialogue which, for me, adds something special to her stories. Stories which are already dynamic to begin with seem to jump off the pages and snatch you into them. I’ve come to expect a great time when reading one of her stories and she’s yet to disappoint. I think if more people smiled and laughed when it came to enjoying each other relationships would be better for it. So, if you’re looking for a story that can provide some warm fuzzy feelings on a cold winter night you can’t go wrong by picking up a copy of Seducing Celestine.

Like any normal person, I hate, loath and despise cleaning. Puke. Spew. But in the eternal quest to de-junkify my life - (my editor is having a nervous twitch for sure at that word. Hmmm, should I use it in a book?) - I cleaned up the 3rd bed-come-chuck-stuff-you-have-no-idea-what-to-do-with room. Last week I cleaned up under the house-type-storeroom area. It is a thing of beauty now. I swear that the blue tongue lizards have a smile on their faces as they skitter through.

The third bedroom - what can I say? If pirates needed somewhere to bury treasure they would do it there. If a burglar broke into this room first he would probably sue me for lack of opportunity to find anything. Criminals on the run have my third bedroom listed as a potential hide out. But the thing is there is some useful stuff in there. I have an amazingly impressive assortment of medical supplies. If there was a major catastrophe I believe I could quite easily set up a hospital at Chez Amarinda. My mother was a nurse. She believed in being prepared for anything. I have learned from her practical wisdom. I have all manner of bandages for thumbs to bums. I have Army wound packs (ex-Army brat), I have salves, lotions, potions, swabs and saline solution -and I know how to use them. Not only did I learn from my mother but I did a first aid course years ago. It was there that I was awarded the sort of praise that every woman longs to hear at least once in their life. During the assessment, my instructor said, “You are the sort of woman who would be excellent holding in someone’s intestines at a road accident.” I naturally, as you do, went all girlish at this praise. Beauty fades but the ability to cope with intestines in a crisis goes on forever.

Anyway off guts….I have all the family history documents in the third bedroom along with an old lime green 1970’s sofa I like, three sewing machines, a mini haberdashery store, fans, heaters, fat clothes, thin clothes, boxes of pilfered stationery, things I may possibly repair, important files, 7 jars of old buttons (I’m not sure why either), a ladder, an amazing collection of 1930’s table runners, 2 big old tin trunks full of fabric, 4 old mobile phones, 2 1950’s laundry hampers full of assorted crap,12 big arsed candles from the 1970’s and a box of stuff I'm still not sure what it is other than there are a lot of wires, bits of plastic and paper things. I'm sure at the time there was an excellent reason to keep it. After cleaning up, I can actually walk in without stumbling or cracking my shin against stuff. Did I throw anything out…er, well, no but cleaning and not throwing out had been the aim. Tomorrow, I will venture into the second bedroom because there is the promise of alcohol in the evening to calm my nerves. Cleaning is pukeable but unfortunately necessary. I don’t cook either – I mean I can but I prefer not to. I would have made a terrible housewife. Cooking requires too much time and thought and cleaning up. This is I believe why takeaway food containers were invented. I feel its best not to disturb the natural order of things – we can’t have the cosmos spinning out of control now can we?

Miscellaneous Amarinda News….

I got a contract from Ellora’s Cave on a book called Anyone But You. Yay me. I also sent another submission in. I had been writing like a woman possessed during the couple of weeks I have been looking for the job. I am a great believer in using time productively. Speaking of jobs – after much haggling, I accepted job 27. I know my self worth and I know what I should be paid and what conditions I will accept. Yes, I am a pain in the bum and I am sure much sighing and eye rolling went on their end with the haggling but if I do not fight for me no one else will? So I start that on Monday. Is there a job 28 looking on the horizon? Possibly? Who knows? I believe in taking a risk if something better presents itself.

Just finished reading…

Nettleflower by Chris Power and Terri Beckett – great historical romance.
Winter Hearts by Anny Cook – hot, funny and romantic sex as only Anny Cook can.

Mad About Mirabelle - review

Oh yummy, yummy! Mad About Mirabelle is a story that starts with a bang and just keeps getting better and better. I loved Mirabelle’s smart-alecky mouth and her unashamed snooping. She’s bowled over by Flynn and his sexual aggressiveness but willingly explores their relationship, especially as Flynn reveals the depth of his feelings. While some may think their relationship progressed too rapidly, for Flynn and Mirabelle, it seemed just right. Flynn’s character was straightforward and sexy as all get out. Once he decided he was Mad About Mirabelle, there was no stopping him! Their deliciously sexual escapades along with the twists and turns in this tale had me drooling, laughing and completely enjoying Mad About Mirabelle!

Kelly had the next spine tingling-oh-my-god episode of the blog serial on Anny will no doubt download the wisdom of the ages on as only she can.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


barbara huffert said...

Yay you is right! Ooh goody, a new job. I can't wait to hear about it. Are you sure the smiling blue tongued lizards aren't really some of Anny's shape shifters?

Anny Cook said...

Good luck with the job. Congrats on the new contract!

Your spare room sounds like mine, only better organized. Sigh. Really, I should go in there and do something with it so I can work on "stuff".

Phoenix said...

Your third bedroom sounds like my house. By the way, Kelly never says Oh my God. Oh my gosh yes, frequently. I know you are shocked and surprised.

If I ever lose my intestines, I'll send for you. You impress my socks off.

Molly Daniels said...

Just out of curiosity, does your horoscope reflect your good fortune? New job, two fantastic reviews, the world at your feet?


Brynn Paulin said...

Congrats on the great review! I must say however, it really looks as if Celestine is doing the seducing not being seduced...

Bronwyn Green said...

Wow - congrats on the job, the reviews, the contracts, the clean room and your intestine holding ability - You ROCK!

Sandra Cox said...

Love the clean house is a sign of a wasted life. Boy, is my life worthwhile. grin.
Great blog, great review, great news about the job, especially great news about book # 17 and #18. Life is good.