Sunday, 11 October 2009

Ha-ha you’re screwed…

Have you ever noticed on TV shows where an “imminent explosion” is about to happen that the female recording announcing the “imminent explosion in three minutes” sounds like she’s quite pleased she is counting down to doom. I was writing and half listening to the end of a TV show before the news came on and this woman was doing the countdown and the hero and heroine were desperately trying to adapt a shoe lace - or something - into a lasso to rope around a switch that they could pull down to stop the imminent destruction happening. As they were doing this the snotty sounding recording kept counting down with great glee. I know it’s a supposed to be a recording and – duh - it’s not real but why do you think she sounds so happy and a tad vindicated that she is getting the chance to be the last possible voice the hero and heroine hear? She’s hardly soothing or helpful with her supercilious tone announcing “imminent explosion” as every 30 seconds passes. How can anyone tie a decent shoe lace lasso with that cow counting down? Why does she want them imminently exploding? Is she hormonal?

You listen next time when that stroppy dame starts counting down. She seems awfully pleased with herself but the thing is if the place blows up – she’ll blow up too.
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Ashley Ladd said...

This sounds like my younger daughter when she's pre-menstrual. Honest to God's truth. The only save is to throw chocolate at her.

Love the dour pic btw.

Sandra Cox said...

Only you would pick up on that, Ms. Amarinda.