Saturday, 24 October 2009

Mile high…possible or not?

I was at work today chatting to friends on line, yes, I expect any day sometime soon I’ll feel bad about that but don’t hold your breath ….anyway, I was chatting to a smart friend and we were talking about this and that and somehow we got around to talking about the mile high club and how possible is it to have sex in a airplane toilet. I know – very important non work related stuff to break the monotony of the day. How did we get onto that subject? I’m not sure but with friends it doesn’t matter does it? The conversation just flows from one simple thought like ‘what are you doing today’ to ‘do you think it’s possible to have sex in an airplane toilet?’ See? Completely logic.

Anyway, I have to say, never having done the mile high club thing, I don’t think it’s possible to have sex in airplane toilet without getting a cramp somewhere. Last time I was on a plane in June I looked around the loo and thought ‘oh no way.’ Sure, sure, a woman can sit on the sink but there’s not a hell of a lot of room for him to stand is there? And what about when you hit an air pocket? What if the door isn’t latched securely? Or if someone wants to use the loo? How do two people exit without it looking like anything but two people who just had sex in a toilet cubicle? Or do you not care because you’re on a high? Yes, yes, I know danger is exciting but crippling yourself for an orgasm seems a tad extreme.

So, this is what I want to know – is it possible to do and what is the etiquette of mile high clubbing? Yes – comment publicly if you choose or as always you can email me personally – I’ll always answer. Enquiring minds want to know. Sex in an airplane toilet – fact or fallacy? Orgasm or Leg cramp? Doable or don’t do it Betty?
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Anny Cook said...

I suppose it partially depends on the physical size of the two people...

Amarinda Jones said...

Ah, but smart people know size does not matter in sex or anything else

Ashley Ladd said...

There's etiquette in the Mile High club?

I think when I was more nimble I could have done it in small, odd places. Now, no way. But hopefully I'll get in better shape again soon.

As per conversations going from something innocuous to weird, my friends and I or my daughters and I do it all the time.

Sandra Cox said...

Call me lacking in adventure but