Saturday, 3 October 2009

Happy for now…

‘Had a discussion, during the tension of month end accounting – yawn, boring, who gives a crap – about happily ever after. A friend emailed me after reading one of my books. She was like ‘do you actually believe in this happily ever after stuff you’re writing?’ Do I? No. I believe in happy for now and let’s see what happens later.

While you know the hero and heroine, or variations of, are going to get together in the end, I believe most readers know that if it was real life they’re going to get pissed off with each other and at some stage one of them is going to be sleeping on the sofa – not the heroine – because real women have enough smarts to make the male do it.

Let’s face it, no romance is all happy and all smooth. The day to day is hard bloody work let alone wondering about forever. The beauty of romance books is a glimpse inside someone else’s life. It’s about the struggle and the passion and the moment when two people realize that they cannot live without this other person in it. That’s why we read romance. That’s why we watch the Bachelor or the Bachelorette or romance movies. We want to read or see the moment when someone goes – ‘oh, duh, he/she is the one for me. I cannot let them go.’ Will they mess it up and make mistakes after ‘the end’? Oh hell yeah. We know that. But it’s the journey that they’ve taken that we’re interested in. What they do afterwards is up to them. It’s all about ‘happy for now.’

Click on below. This to me is the quintessential love song. Why? Listen to the lyrics. Two people not sure what the hell they are doing – yet eventually they are going to get together. Maybe it will take a while but they’ll get there. It’s about the reality of love. It’s not an easy. It’s a game. It’s about who surrenders to the inevitable first….gotta’ love that…
Be an Amarinda book


Ashley Ladd said...

For me at least, I love to read a romance because of the happy for now feelings it evokes. I want to escape the arguements with my hubby or the bratty kids or the nasty donors at work, or the coworkers sparring. Even though there's conflict in romance novels, it seems more exciting. It's not like someone's knocking on our real door wanting money for a bill or our real car breaking down and stranding us. We know for sure that after any drama, there will be hugs and kisses and nice, gooey emotions to make us feel better (as it lets me block out the hubby and kids and boss).