Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Text me baby one more time…

I had the Bold and the Beautiful on TV – it comes on before the news – and Brooke and Ridge were all angst ridden and emotional – as always – they were breaking up - again - and he was marrying several times removed ex-wife Taylor…why? I don’t know but it was about time for him to marry someone else and then dump her and go back to Brooke – actually when you think about it – it’s almost the perfect romantic relationship because Brooke and Ridge always know they’ll be together…at some stage…eventually…anyway, so they were all tense and dramatic sending each other overwrought, desperately romantic messages via cell phone text messaging and I thought why don’t you just go and see each other and get all this angst ridden crap over and done with. Yes, yes, I know it’s a soap opera and I know its all about tension but honestly…if you had a friend who was carrying on like this wouldn’t you tell her to pull her head in? Text messages do not make for a meaningful relationship.

Correct. I don’t care for text messages. Ring me. Talk to me with actual words and sound. And yeah, I have gone through that manic rush of hot, wild words of lust tapped out in a text message. They’re exciting at the time but once you see through the haze of lust, you know they’re not real. It’s a game isn’t it? Flirt - seduce – submit - and I believe if someone cannot say something to your face, so you can see their eyes, then to me the messages are not genuine. They’re fantasy and while fantasy is fun it’s not dependable or truthful or real. Just like Bold, there’s always an under story you don’t get in a text message.

Even in a romance book, with all the romantic fantasy, readers aren’t going to accept the hero communicating to the heroine through cute, short words on a screen. As a reader I’d be thinking – why the hell doesn’t her talk to her? What does he have to hide? What can’t he say to her face? What is he worried about giving away?

Isn’t it sad in this day and age that we rely on hastily, banged out phonetic variations of words sent from your phone to mine to express how we feel? Where’s the romance in that?

Text me baby one more time? Hmm…doesn’t have a ring to it does it?
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Anny Cook said...

Hell, no. I'm not even sure I would really go for e-mail messages in that context. Maybe a realllll letter. Maybe.

Sandra Cox said...

Anny has a good point. A real letter would be romantic.

Sandra Cox said...

Are you feeling better?