Monday, 5 October 2009

Push it...

So, I’ve almost finished writing the next book and the one thing that strikes me the most is that every single character has an agenda – more so than any other book I have written. I never planned it that way but there it is. Every one of them has a plan to get what they want. Thankfully, those plans all manage to interlock. Go figure. Occasionally I can do this writer gig correctly. Sometimes you can be in the writer zone and it all comes together. Sometimes you don’t have a bloody clue. It’s a hit and miss business. Words and ideas tumble out and you can’t write them fast enough. Other times you stare at the screen and think ‘why am I doing this again?’ But there’s an agenda there that keeps me motivated.

Like characters in a book, everyone I know has an agenda. Yes, yes, I’m sure there are the pure-hearted among us who will say “oh no not me. I’m too nice.” The less pure-hearted like myself would respond with ‘bullshite – you have an agenda and niceness is a front for hiding your real emotions. You have an agenda - you just won’t name it publicly.’ What is it about announcing what you want and being ruthless and persistent to get it? If you’re not hurting anyone else then why is determination to succeed a bad thing? It often amuses when people say ‘X has an agenda.’ They say it like it’s a bad thing. To me, an agenda equates to a goal and we’re always told to have goals and try to attain them. Are goals more acceptable than agendas?

‘Got an agenda? Excellent? Do you ruthlessly plan to pursue it? Better still. Push it to the max. Life is short. Make sure you get what you can with what talents you have. The one person you can rely on the most is yourself. Only you know how far you will go and what measures you will take to succeed. And those who worry about your agenda? That’s their problem.
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Sandra Cox said...

I agree, I would trust everyone has one. To me an agenda is just steps of the goal itself.
Have a quick day. And a relaxing evening. 'Ya got have a goal':)

Ashley Ladd said...

I confess. I have an agenda. I plan to rule the world and the NYT bestseller list.