Friday, 16 October 2009

It gets you in the boobs…

THE hot favourite to win the Miss Plastic title this weekend was forced to pull out of the competition after her breast implants landed her in hospital.

A friend said: 'She had not got used to the extra weight on top and her new hair extensions got in her eyes - she just lost her balance and tore a ligament in her foot badly.',27574,26197698-13762,00.html

OMG…I can completely relate to this…other than the fact I’m not blonde, not tall, not attractive nor do I have plastic parts nor hair extensions…but for that I completely understand the hopeful Miss Plastic’s dilemma. It’s almost like we are living the same life.

In the never ending madness called personal training, utilizing the theory that I will be able to kick major arse when I’m older, I have just discovered I have pecs. I know – I was stunned. I mean I knew men had them but the idea of pecs seemed kind of pointless on women as we have other stuff happening in the chest region. Anyway, I have been lifting weights under the command of the lovely Hugh – my PT. I said to him “my upper chest is killing me.” I indicated where. He said they were my pecs and he indicated he was exceptionally happy about this as personal trainers think pain is good. Pain is bad to the jaded and slothful such as myself. Sure, you’re burning fat into muscle but like the Miss Plastic wannabe, it gets you in the boobs.

Pecs are apparently just above your boobs and all women have these muscles but it’s only when you’re in pain do you realize what the hell they are. I took my bra off today and staggered. Oh the freaking pain. I was scared I would fall forward and trip over when my strained pec muscles nearly collapsed under the weight of holding my boobs up. I feel this makes me completely simpatico with the Miss Plastics of the world. I, short, overweight, non-blonde, only one dimple and crooked lipped, can understand my plastic sister’s torture.
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Ashley Ladd said...


Guess I need to do stuff like that to bring on the pain. I've gotten entirely too soft and chunky. I belong to a gym, but do not have a PT.