Monday, 12 October 2009

Of princes, piercings and penises…

So I spent some time on the weekend researching Prince Albert for the book I’m almost finished writing. No, no, I’m not that fast a writer. I started this one a while ago and got side tracked on other projects – I’ve just come back to it now. Thankfully, there’s not much to finish on it.

Anyway – Prince Albert – yes, correct - he was married to Queen Victoria in one of those inter-bred marriages that all monarchies did back then to assure power, keep it all in the family and not to have some nasty non royal type person think they could wear a crown. Oh puke – commoners. Hence why lots of monarchies crashed and burned and the ones we have today – apart from the Danish one – an Aussie girl is princess there and she has amazing class, as all Aussies do – are always in the tabloids and considered somewhat of a joke.

But back to Prince Albert – no, I wasn’t researching the actual Prince type person per se – it was more about genital piercing. See
here – that is if you’re not shocked easily. Otherwise don’t look. Why the sudden interest in genital piercing for my hero? I had a chat to someone who has it – actually multiple genital piercing. Youch! I saw a video on that. And no, I declined to look at his piercings. ‘Seen one penis– seen ‘em all regardless of the hardware that bedecks them. But the piercing aspect – the whys and wherefores - interested me and it fitted in with the story I was writing.

The life of writer is never boring…people will tell you their deepest secrets. Why? ‘Not sure. Maybe they think anyone who writes erotic romance is unshockable. Maybe they just want to tell someone stuff…I’ll always listen… go on…tell me…
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