Thursday, 8 October 2009

Mail me…

...’got an email from a male friend - let’s call him X. He read yesterday's blog about men being as easy to understand as Chinese is to a non Chinese speaker. His response?

“What do women want? Women are impossible to deal with - especially you.”

Oh, you sweet talker you. I'm not impossible. I'm just plain difficult. There's a difference. Difficult is worth the effort if you're smart enough. Anyway - what do women want? Well, I can of course only speak for myself but here's my response to the questions that I asked those men on yesterday's blog…

- Respect - talk to women - not at them or down to them. You want a woman to listen? Then pay attention to her….and by that I don’t mean her breasts.
- While we admire strength - we don’t think less of a man for momentary weakness. We prefer that kind of honesty to dumb arsed male bravado. Be real.
- Goals – yeah we have ‘em but they’re not the be all and end all of our lives. We’re flexible. We’ll adapt to circumstance – but do not for one second think we have forgotten what out goals are.
- Romance verses sex? We want both. Why? Because we deserve both and we don’t have to justify it.
- What do we look for in a man? Humour, intelligence and the ability to be as adaptable as we are. We’re not looking for perfection. We want reality – flaws and all. A woman makes a man better.
- Do we want forever? We want what we want for how ever long we want it.

See? Women are verrrrry easy to understand.

Speaking of men…. I had a go at one today who has a penchant for calling women ‘lovey’ in that patronizing-pat-you-on-the-head-you’re-just-a-silly-little-girl way. He called me lovey. Oh, what an Idiot. Of all the people in all the gin joints in all the world to say that to. Needless to say I doubt he’ll be calling anyone ‘lovey’ for a while. Respect is everything. No one should ever accept patronization.
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Sandra Cox said...

'We want what we want for how ever long we want it. ' I like this.