Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Don’t feed gremlins after midnight….

So I have this annoying cough at the moment that had progressively got worst because I live with the belief that I’m invincible and need no help. Sometimes I’m not so much…not often of course. Anyway after coughing my arse off – I wish – as I was getting dressed for work I made an executive decision not to go in. Only bummer to this is - my new mobile (cell phone) was being delivered to work. Hmmm…go in cough over everyone and pick up the phone and scarper or play with it another day? I called in and asked for them to watch out for it and ‘oh yeah, I’m not coming in.’

I then hauled my arse to the chemist (drugstore) and asked for a miracle cure. A bottle was duly handed to me and I added Fishermen’s Friends to suck – a lozenge not a personal fetish – I don’t know any fishermen – then headed home where I ripped the cap off the bottle and swigged down the syrup. Then I read the instructions…uh huh…side effects…I see…measure carefully…hmmm…reactions to other medication…oh dear…“Oh fuck, have I just od’d or what?”

I just feel some people should not have to deal with the responsibility of instructions. So, here’s what I think - there should be two different types of medicine bottles. One with instructions for the responsible people and one without for people who think they know everything. This would solve the dilemma of consequences of actions because there would be none if you have no instructions. What? Look, it all makes perfect sense under the influence of cough medicine.

Amarinda Jones
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Sandra Cox said...

Interesting concept. Hope you're feeling better.