Friday, 17 September 2010

Beg me back and the restraining order is yours…

From my facebook page. It was an advert down the side. If you’re over 40 on facebook, the adverts are designed to make you feel desperate and dateless and willing to throw yourself at any man or they’re about being fat and how to lose weight. Apparently if you’re over 40 your life is a complete mess. Good to know. I hadn’t realized that.

“Proven psychological tips and tricks to ensure your ex-boyfriend will be begging for you back.”

Click on the link or not. Basically it’s this salesperson crapping on about how you can get a man back through his suspect wisdom.

If you have to resort to paying nongs like this for ‘psychological’ tricks to have someone back in your life then what does that say about you? If you’re following this ‘guru’s’ advice then I believe the problem is yours and not the man you’re on the verge of stalking. Love is great – restraining orders are messy and handcuffs probably chafe your wrists. Get a grip. Move on.

Amarinda Jones
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nan said...

too true. But then, I've been with my same guy for longer than I've been alive, I think. Well, ok, long enough that we weren't really gross little kids, but that's it.

Nevertheless, if I didn't want him in the first place, I wouldn't be playing games to get him back.