Thursday, 2 December 2010

Dirty, filthy but I like it....

So Berengaria Brown – or BB as I call her because like all Aussies I’m into casual speech and the name Berengaria alone has 5 syllables – and I have been writing a series. Why? We just got talking over email one day and I mentioned an idea and she added to it and voila a series is born. And oh hell no, there was no way we could co-write a story because she talks funny – she’s one of those foreigner types - and wants to make all the sentences make sense. Boring. She’s not like me with my random thoughts and half arsed sentences. I drive the spell checker on my computer mad due to ‘fragments’ of sentences – which I like and the computer just has to get over. Anyway, so we came up with the idea for 6 distinct stories all revolving around one theme. Three are mine – three are BB’s. It’s been painless other than the agonizing over what sex to write in the book. I reckon if sex to do was as boring as it is to write then the human race would have died out years ago - that or working girls would be the tycoons of the world as they would corner a market others would yawn over…just one of my many hardly thought out theories.

Anyhow, BB and I have picked up some contracts on this series. The first books are due out January. As for the sex in the series? It’s described as dirty. My work is done.

Amarinda Jones
Penn Halligan
Be an Amarinda book


Berengaria Brown said...

Hi Amarinda,
All sex is good. Dirty sex is better. And a hell of a lot of awesomely dirty sex is happening here!

Sandra Cox said...

Good luck with this.