Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Sex Odyssey…

Recently as I was driving 2000 odd kilometers from Brisbane to Cairns, I was thinking about road trips and sex and what would a woman do if she met the ‘one’ or several ‘ones’ on her travels and what if meeting him/them was so powerful that you had to decide whether to stay or go even though staying would cause all sorts of dramas. Do you go back to your normal life? Yet how can you when it means leaving a part of yourself behind? Yeah, heavy man. I think a lot of us have met someone we’ve really felt a deep attachment to and you then have to work out the whole could I - should I stuff. As for sex…well, sometimes it just overwhelms you to the point of not being with the person is not an option.

So I emailed Berengaria Brown and chatted about the possibilities of a series. I came up with the title Sex Odyssey in a sort of weird, half arsed Homeric way. I’m sure Homer is rolling over in his grave as we speak. Sorry mate…anyhow – this is my first cover in the series. The stories are short vignettes into the lives of average men and women and how lust and romance change everything in their lives. We have 6 altogether unless I can talk the stoic Berengaria into one more…

Amarinda Jones
Penn Halligan
Be an Amarinda book


anny cook said...

Oooooh. Now that is an interesting idea! Trust you to come up with something like this. Yes, it would create havoc.