Thursday, 9 December 2010

So…read any good sex lately? No? Not surprised. It’s bloody hard to write new and different and interesting sex and have a plot. It can be done of course but it’s hard work. And, have you noticed how bizarre erotica is becoming? How many men, women, robots or as this picture suggests birds have to be involved for an orgasm? What does that say about us as women? We need more or bizarre who-gives-a-fuck-about-tomorrow-sex? Filthy sex seems to sell but then Cotillions – with sweet, innocent, promises of sex after marriage sell just as well. Have we lost the plot? What do women want? I dunno…probably why I choose to read crime and thrillers.

Sex? Meh

Amarinda Jones
Penn Halligan
Be an Amarinda book


Anny Cook said...

Yep. I'm goin' back to the old stuff...