Friday, 17 December 2010

Mayo head…

So I emailed a friend and said yes, by all means come over and pick up what I have here but let me know before you do. Why? Am I running around half naked due to the heat? Yes I am and if anyone peeks in my windows and sees me then they deserve having their retinas burnt out. But it’s not a naked issue. It’s about mayonnaise and having it slathered on me. No, it’s not a new sexual practice as far as I know. And no, it’s not something I do because I’m bored and I paint myself with condiments. It’s a hair thing.

I went on the internet and looked up old fashioned remedies for dry hair. Mayo is one of them. I would never eat the stuff. It’s pukeable but the high fat content and the fact that it has eggs in it means it’s good for hair. So I tried it and it works. However having a mayo head is neither a team sport nor something for people to sit around Chez Amarinda and discuss over coffee as I drip mayo on the floor. Call me crazy but some things need to be done in private.

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Anny Cook said...

Yes, mayo does work! And it's relatively cheap, also.

Check your e-mail for your birthday prezzie...