Sunday, 19 December 2010

How equal are you when your arse is hanging out?

I had to fix something I had buggered up and it was going to take a while so I turned on the TV to zone out as I sorted out the problem. The old series of Star Trek came on. I hadn’t seen that for yonks (a long time). As I watched it occurred to me that although Star Trek was such an innovative and ground breaking program when it first came to air in the 60’s with it having all nationalities, races and genders portrayed co-existing on this mission of seeking out new life etc, it was also pretty sexist. Why were the women dressed as go-go dancers? As a kid this wouldn’t have registered to me that the men were fully dressed and the women had these tiny uniforms that didn’t cover their thighs and barely covered their arses. Why weren’t the women dressed like the men? Weren’t they on this mission together? And no, I’m not talking about the spin off spawn of Star Trek. I’m talking about the real Star Trek. How equal are you when your arse is hanging out? All childhood illusions are crushed.

Amarinda Jones
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Sandra Cox said...

Yeah, pretty 60s.
How you be?