Tuesday, 8 March 2011

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Thanks for having me over for a visit on your blog. I love your work Amarinda, so this is a treat. I thought about what I’d like to blog about and it made me chuckle. My topic…laundry, yes that’s right, no typo here, and laundry is the sexy topic I’ve chosen.

My hubby and I married at twenty and we had our eldest when we were twenty-two. When child number two came along things got hectic, stressful. We loved each other but like so many young couples we ran into bumps had to make a choice, seek professional help or get a divorce. We chose counseling. One issue in those days was sex; we had a good sex life, when we actually found the time to partake. Our councilor suggested a code word, something we could say and no one would know what we meant. This word came to us without even a discussion we looked at each other and spoke in unison, “laundry.” It’s the chore we fought about most, a never-ending unwinnable battle.

I laugh when I see facebook statuses about laundry, even if I know most people’s minds won’t go to the same place as mine when it comes to the word. Laundry is now one of the sexiest words in my vocabulary. Since I became a published romance author (mostly erotica), my hubby says the laundry has never been better. I think this has more to do with the added joy in my life and not any new and exciting information I’ve gleamed from my new roll.

We women wear many hats wife, mother, employee, daughter, cook, accountant, you name it we do it with flair. No matter what you do don’t forget to show love to those who matter to you. It was a lesson that made me a better wife, and over the years, I’ve gotten better at balancing the many tasks begging for my time. Now that the kids are all in elementary school that’s helped me find the time to pursue my own dreams. I’ve been happier, more positive, and more excited to get out of bed every morning since my first book hit the cyber-shelves last June. When your heart is light, you share that brightness with those around you.

It doesn’t take a much to get off track in marriage or in life, but in the end, it was my husband and I making the choice to make changes that saved our marriage. I’m so thankful that we made it through that tough time. I’ve been with him since high school and I can’t imagine doing laundry with anyone else.

I hope you’ll take the time to check out my work. You can find me at
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Here’s a blurb:

Gabriel put his faith in his God and his king…That was centuries ago. Harley is proud of her heritage and when she has the chance to give her hometown historical society a boost by booking an eccentric Swiss expert, she has no idea she booked someone who actually lived the history. Immortality is a long time to have a broken heart. Unable to stop himself, Gabriel draws the brilliant historian into his life. Harley discovers far more than Gabriel ever expected about history, his history! A quest to give Gabriel an answer to an old question will introduce them to the danger of a new enemy. Is love enough when your love wants you body, soul and blood?

Book two will be out soon. It’s Michael’s story. I love my damaged Templar Knights, and I hope you will too.

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anny cook said...

What a GREAT story! Thanks for sharing it, Ashlyn!