Saturday, 19 March 2011

Anybody but a naked body…

I have this rule…well, not really a rule as I’m not big on let’s call it something I do when it comes to accepting friends on Facebook. As long as you are not naked in your profile photo or send me naked pictures of yourself – i.e. naked men who really should be wearing clothes because in their case clothes do maketh the man and there are only specific men I want to see naked - then we can be Facebook friends. I’ve met so many fascinating people on Facebook who I correspond with regularly and I like to sit in the morning and read about what everyone is doing over my coffee. It’s like a global newspaper. I mention the Amarinda-accept-no-naked-friends-clause as a person I actually am acquainted with in my life called me yesterday and said ‘I’ll send it to your Facebook email address.’ He had to point out to me that I had accepted his friendship the other day. Okay – yep – I checked. I did accept it because he wasn’t naked. See? Clothed males I accept without qualms. I just have to slow down and pay more attention.

Why the Monkees? I heard this song yesterday and I remembered how much I liked it...simple as that.

Amarinda Jones
Penn Halligan
Be an Amarinda book


anny cook said...

The song made me smile. And the naked men? You're absolutely correct. They should wear clothes...

Sandra Cox said...

Yeah, I like that song too. I think Neil Diamond wrote it didn't he?
So you're getting pics of naked men that weren't meant to grace covers. Hmmm.