Friday, 11 March 2011

Lying scumbags…

…or publishers who couldn’t organize a root in brothel – a root, in Aussie slang, equates to getting laid and a brothel – well, that obvious. I’m a tad pissed at the moment. I’m tired of dealing with suspect publishers with dodgy sales reports. Skimming money? Not acceptable. Withholding author money to tide yourself over until next month? That would be oh hell fucking no.

Now, I should point out there are some exceptionally good publishers out there who do the right thing and it’s only the inept, cheating ones – two in fact - that piss me off.

So, in light of dealing with these swindling nongheads, I’m in the process of opening my own publishing company. It’s called Scarlet Harlot Publishing™ and I do have a website for it but if you go to
you’ll see stuff all as this is a work in process. I’m doing it between work, moving and other boring life events. I’m going to start out with my own books. The theory behind this is if I balls it up then I only piss myself off. Later, I will be calling for submissions.

Yes, yes, every author seems to be starting a publishing company. Many have told me they’re sick to death or dealing with dodgy publishers and that they have had enough bad experiences that they reckon they can do better. Can the market sustain so many publishers? Of course it can. We’ve already seen readers desert the original publishers in droves as the newer publishers can cater to more diverse taste. And let’s face it, most authors have the experience of what to do and what not to do under their belts.

Will Scarlet Harlot succeed? Dunno. It’s a put it out into the universe kind of thing and wait for a response. I do know, that unlike other publishers, I know what authors want. It’s actually pretty simple. It’s what workers all over the world deserve – an honest wage for a job well done. It ain’t rocket science baby.

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anny cook said...

Ahhhh. Rocket science, indeed.