Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Dirty, Sexy, Yours....

The older I get the more I think to hell with convention and rules and just do what you want if it makes you feel good. Yes – anarchy. Personal anarchy is good. Risk taking is fun.

Cintra is a short story based on this philosophy. It’s also based on finding the love of your life by taking a chance. The Dirty, Sexy, Yours series is all about letting go and giving in to temptation. I see no problem with that…

Cintra is out today. Click here to buy.

The blurb...

Cintra has wanted Jason for a long time but she's never been sure how to speak to him. In one mad moment she decides to throw caution to the wind and offers herself to him as a sex slave for forty-eight hours. Cintra craves the thrill of raw, dirty sex. She wants to be under Jason’s command. In doing so Cintra believes she will burn out the wild infatuation she has for him. But nothing’s ever that easy.

Jason is more than happy to grant Cintra’s sexy request. He had longed to touch and taste the curvaceous brunette. Now is the right time to make her his. Jason knows exactly what Cintra needs. And to have the chance to be the master her body? Perfect. To have a place in her heart? That may take a little longer. The lady may give her body freely but her heart is different.

Amarinda Jones
Penn Halligan
Be an Amarinda book


anny cook said...

Ahhhhh. Cintra is no doubt a very lucky lady!

Sandra Cox said...

I'd wish you many sales, but I'm sure you'll get them regardless.
All the best,