Thursday, 31 March 2011

That about covers it....

So, I’ve been looking around at photos for cover art as I’m about to make up a bunch of covers for Scarlet Harlot Publishing™ – it’s a project I’m working slowly on in between life happening as it does. Anyway, some of the art for covers is as boring as all get out or so contrived that it’s corny. I did find some photos that I’m contemplating using. I say ‘contemplating’ as some of them are so blatant and leave stuff all to the imagination. One in particular has a man going down on a woman and she appears to be liking it quite a bit…as you do. But how would readers feel about it? In an erotica reading culture where extreme and kink is all the rage would readers by shocked by a blatant photo that is just portraying what’s inside or do they want the homogenized cover? Hmmm…as for the picture above? It’s from an AIDS ad. I think it’s very effective.