Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The mighty Snowflakes...

A thousand years ago when I around 8 years old I played netball. I was part of the mighty all losing team called the Snowflakes. We were, in essence, pathetic bordering on hopelessly unco yet we turned up to every game. Looking back now I think it was because we got fed orange quarters at half time. Anyway, after the Snowflakes were confirmed bottom of the ladder, we didn’t despair. We came back the next year as the Defenders – crap name but one of the parents I believe thought it would inspire us to actually do stuff like defend, not run into each other or duck when the ball was thrown at us. Ah, those were the heady days. That year we actually came second last due to the fact one team had to pull out after only two games so they went to the bottom. You can imagine our euphoria at not being last. That spurred us on to become – the Hot Shots…oh yeah, a winning name for any other team but ours. But we soldiered on back down to the bottom of the league once more. And it was then that an epiphany came upon us – let’s go play hockey. The ex-Snowflakes players came second that year in hockey. Moral of the story? Hockey - so much potential for revenge.

Why I ramble on about this now is I have decided to make a netball comeback in Cairns – after all I feel it’s my obligation as I was actually vice-captain of the mighty Snowflakes and it's probably, possibly my professional due to take the court once more. Yep, you can't keep a snowflake down.

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anny cook said...

Wonderful story! Go Snowflakes!