Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Not so secret…

I was reading an excerpt from a story that was one of those arab-sheik-doctor-millionaire-playboy-shags-the poor-virgin-nurse-and gets her preggers books and I thought, huh, I could write one of these. So I started out to write one and three pages in I realized while I can write soap opera, I can’t seriously write about some dominating twit who ‘commands’ a woman to leave the life she has known to be his wife. Yes, yes, I know she really, secretly loves him, and ditto for him, and she likes to be dominated as it makes her feel like she’s needed and the sprog she’s carrying needs to know his/her father but it’s just not me. While every writer, whether they admit to it or not, will jump on the whatever-is-selling-bandwagon, it’s hard to go against what you believe and the inherent nature of who you are as a person.

Anyway, I didn’t trash the story. I changed it. I made it into my version of the whole secret baby deal and called in The Not So Secret Baby©. I believe it comes out in May…in the end ya gotta be who you are.

Amarinda Jones
Penn Halligan
Be an Amarinda book


anny cook said...

Ahhhh. Looking forward to reading your version! I'm sure it's much more entertaining!

Sandra Cox said...

'You got to be who you are.' Words to live by as far as I'm concerned.