Thursday, 17 March 2011

The Pet Question...

Next month, if all the planets align as they should – if not I’ll be bloody kicking them into alignment - I’ll be in my new house. And, I’ve been thinking that I’m probably grown up enough now to have a pet. But what sort would have the patience to live with me? Years ago, I did have the legendary Marlene the goldfish who lived with me for 7 years. She was easy to deal with. She ignored me and I, apart from saying hello to her, ignored her. But now I’m thinking I could probably have a grown up pet but what? I did want chooks (chickens) but due to the snake threat I can’t have chickens. Bugger. I was reading about a hissing duck with attitude and that appealed to me but again - snakes. So, I’m thinking a tortoise or a weird looking reptile that just wanders aimlessly around and only expects three things from me – food, good conversation and that I won’t step on it. When you think about it that’s all anyone can ask of another isn’t it?

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anny cook said...

Sounds good!

Abigail-Madison Chase said...

Good Luck with the pet. Congrats on the house!

Sandra Cox said...

I still think you need a cat with attitude.
I'm excited about your house.