Thursday, 10 March 2011

Strip For Me....

Strip For me is out today at Evernight Publishing…

Rett Cameron is stranded in Resort City without a cent to her name. She wants to go home to Australia but how does she do that without money? When one of the locals offers to pay her for sexual services she’s stunned. Sex with strangers? For money? Or is there more involved?

Hamish Clark the local strip club owner has a suggestion for Rett. Strip for me and I’ll pay you. The minute he saw Rett he wanted her. He soon discovers she has other needs than just money. But Hamish has a problem. Not all women like him. One wants him dead.

Okay, so this is the story that has the cover that made You Tube give me a cyber wrist slap due to the controversial nature of it. Strip for Me does have sex in it. It also has nudity. The two tend to go together. I gotta’ tell you - erotic romance does have these two elements otherwise the ‘erotic’ tag would be incorrect. Is the woman naked on the cover? No. Is she in the act of getting naked? That’s for the reader to judge.

Judge a book by its cover? Of course we do. You can make that judgment on Strip for Me by clicking here -

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