Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Co-opt me in…

Interesting idea popping up on the author circuit. Co-op publishing. Yes, it’s probably always been out there but of late I’m seeing it more and more and being asked to join in on it. What is it about? Essentially a bunch of writers pool resources – that is talents be they editing, cover art, formatting etc - and publish on an already established site where advertising and audience appeal is a done deal. The beauty of this is the royalties are higher, there are less Diva publishers who think a writer should kiss the hem of their skirt and you have a say in what and how you’re publishing your work. Sure, a lot of authors will still publish with established e-publishers in the traditional way. Some will do both trad and co-op. Some, like me will do trad, co-op and self pubbing. Choice for a writer is important. Control is paramount. Freedom? Priceless.


anny cook said...

Yep. This idea's time is here.