Monday, 27 June 2011

I left the house open…

I had the TV dude come around today while I was at work to install a TV antenna. I’m in a mountainous area where the reception is limited. I never watch much TV normally but it was more a case of when I want to zone out I require more than just the news channel and an ethnic TV station.

Anyway he came when I was out and I left the house open for him. House. Open. Unlocked. I left the house open so he could get in and do TV stuff. I left the house open so a complete stranger could come into my home. I. Left. The. House. Open. Me. The woman who has limited trust did that. That’s frigging huge. I still can’t believe I did it. Am I worried about someone taking my stuff? No. As my father pointed out they’d probably break in and want to leave money on the table as I like old, 1930’s furniture and they'd probably would feel sorry for me. It’s more that up until a year or so ago I trusted absolutely no one but myself. But then, something world shaking happened that made me place a huge volume of trust in another and the trust thing seemed doable.

So, I left the house open…amazing, Grace. Whatever next?