Wednesday, 22 June 2011

I remember you...

So, I stumbled across an old school friend. We both attended Centenary Heights High School in the 80’s – stop counting on your fingers – I’m 47. I saw something about this high school on facebook which connected to another page and a bunch of people I remembered but only a couple I would want to see again. High school was never important to me and I’ve always said I could have gotten along just as well without it. The only thing I learnt at high school was how to ditch Wednesday arvo sport without anyone realizing it for the two years I didn’t bother to show up to it. I worked at McDonalds on those afternoons and that money got me overseas when I was 19 which was a way better education.

Anyway I came across a name of someone who wasn’t at the school long and left before I did and I thought I’d like to see what she’s up to. So I sent a note of ‘do you remember me?’ She did and we chatted on email and will catch up via phone and when I’m back down south. So what this tells me about high school – nothing other than if you’re lucky you’ll be simpatico with one person at school and the best way to bunk off sport on a Wednesday arvo is do it out in the open because that’s when people least expect it.


Sandra Cox said...

Pretty darn cool that you found your friend and got to travel at 19. You worked hard and at your goals even then didn't you?