Sunday, 5 June 2011

"I don’t give a shit about author branding..."

"...I’m as sick as I can be of hearing about building ‘platforms’ and ‘social networking’. If I spent as much time building a platform and networking as I’m supposed to, I’d never write another word. I do as much as I can reasonably do, and that requires 2-4 hours per day, time that could be spent writing. Don’t believe anyone who says you can build a ‘platform‘ in fifteen minutes a day. That’s a load of crap. I’ve been in the platform construction business for four years now. However, I’m not going to kill myself networking. In a perfect world, my work would speak for itself. The world is far from perfect, but to some extent, my work is going to have to speak for itself."

Exactly. Thank you Julia.

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Nicki J Markus said...

So, some of my lack of time for writing lately is my full time day job, studies, editing work and wedding planning....but it is also due to trying to keep up with all the social networking blogging stuff! I don't seem to have time to write anymore. I need to try to find more of a balance and put pen to paper again!

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Thank you, Amarinda. I'm honored and amazed to be featured here.

Sandra Cox said...

Love that Julia.