Wednesday, 1 June 2011


So I was talking to a friend and the idea of individual identity within a couple came up and for the life of me I think that would be bloody hard to have. Why? Because you’re always teamed up with another person – Ken and Barbie, Wilma and Fred, Prince Charming and Cinderella. How hard is it to be just Ken? Do people ask where Barbie is? I absolutely believe that couples are the norm in the world and if you’re not a part of one you’re odd. That’s ok – I like being odd. But what if you uncouple? What happens to years of your identity being tied up with the other half? How would people deal with Wilma ditching Fred? They’re so much a part of each other questions would naturally be asked. Can Wilma be allowed to be a single woman again? What if she picks up with a non-Fred? How do married couples avoid the tag team tag? Yes, yes, it’s all about love but people are single before they become a couple and how hard is it to merge lives without losing identities? Look at romance books. If the heroine walks away from the hero at the end to live her own life readers wonder what her problem is.

Just one of my many ponderances for the day….